Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane/ Building Our Home

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Today I am remembering all of the excitement that I experienced 3 years ago when we moved into our new house. Actually the excitement began the day we decided to build the house...and that will be 4 years ago this June. It took 8 months for the house to be built, because here in Kansas they can't do too much work when the weather is freezing cold or when it is sleeting or snowing, or raining, or extremely windy.

Almost everyday of those 8 months we drove by to see the progress on our home. It was exciting to get out and walk around the freshly dug basement, or to later walk through the framed rooms and imagine our lives here. Then as the finishing details all started to come to life we grew even more excited.

During those months we had to choose every item that would become our home. So many things to pick out. It was a long process and yet it was all exciting to us. And it was amazing that we agreed on almost everything. (Or I should say that it didn't take too much to persuade my hubby to go along with what I liked!) Ha! He is so very good to me.

He was more concerned with the "bones" of the house, and that it was wired for sound in the basement where he was going to put his big screen tv, or that the garage doors were high enough and wide enough for the vehicles. And he wanted the covered deck and enough outlets everywhere etc.

I on the other hand was concerned with colors and carpets and floorings and countertops and cabinet colors and decorative details. Yes we are opposites, yet we work well together. And even though we are retired and not newlyweds, we often felt like our life was just beginning. Life together in our new home, to enjoy in these Autumn years of our lives.

During the months when it was being built,I pictured where the furniture would go and what items I had that wouldn't work in the new house, and I also planned for the furniture pieces we would need to buy to fit into the new place and make it comfortable. There were nights I couldn't sleep because of all of these things running through my mind. I was like a child anticipating Christmas.

We went shopping together and had fun picking out new pictures and bedding and curtains as well as brick and stone colors and paint colors. And as I said, it was a long process.

During that time we had the added stress of keeping our house that we were selling clean and ready to show at a moments notice. We always loved that house and had no doubts that it would sell quickly. However it took almost nine months for that to happen and it was a time filled with a little anxiety, as we really didn't want to have two house payments, or have to move twice if it sold too quickly.

But it all worked out fine and in God's perfect timing. We did have to pay double payments, but only for two months, and that two months allowed us to close on the new house and take our time moving in a little bit at a time, so it was totally worth it. When you do reach a certain age like we have, you don't move as quickly as you did when you were young...and we found that out. It took me longer to pack and unpack things, but when it was all said and done it was wonderful to look at the finished projects....and to call our new place HOME.

We took pictures all through the process, but I don't have them scanned into this computer, so I will just add a few of our house that I do have in here.

I am so thankful every morning when I wake up in our new home. We thank God for it all of the time. We are really enjoying it and count it a blessing that God has allowed us to have it.

We lived in our last home for nearly 20 years and it wasn't new when we moved in, so there were things about it that were harder to take care of. One of those things was a large yard that required lots of hard work and a lot of time to water.
We chose a small yard this time and had a sprinkler system put in so that we don't have to move the hose like we did at the other place when we watered the lawn. And that house had an upper lever with many stairs, as well as stairs to the basement. This house does have stairs to the basement, but we are still managing them ok. My hubby spends more time down there than I do, because he is a collector of antique memorabilia and the whole finished basement is his display place! (I am thankful that he does the vacumning and dusting there since it is his domain).

The grandkids were sad when we told them we were moving, because it was the only house we owned since all of them were born. So the oldest grandson Jared who is 19 had many memories that were made there, and on down the line each grandchild held special memories. But we are hoping they will one day feel the same way about this home, and that we will make new and happy memories here with each one of them.

After all, it is the love in a home that matters...and how we share the love with all who enter.


Holly said...

A new house is very exciting but a lot of work for sure! I can't wait until we have a new home because it'll be the one we plan on staying in forever.

Jenilee said...

I love how you wrote about it! I would imagine that it would be quite an adventure to build a house and pick out everything about the house! it looks beautiful!!! you did a great job!

Foursons said...

Building a new home is so exciting and as you have described it must have been so time consuming and stressful too. You have a beautiful new home and yes, I'm sure your family will make tons of new memories that they will cherish just as much as the ones in the old home.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful grass. Have you been able to maintain it? That is one of my main stresses about our house.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

HappyascanB said...

I've always heard building a house together is a big undertaking for a couple. Sounds like y'all pulled it off beautifully! And the pictures show a beautiful home full of LOVE!

the Spocks said...

Your home is beautiful a great memory.

I look forward to the day when we can also build a home.

Debbie said...

Linda, your home is beautiful! And best of all, it looks so inviting. I have the feeling you make all feel welcome when they come to visit you.


foolish heart said...

What an amazing's beautiful inside and out. The decor inside is fabulous. Thanks for sharing and enjoy making memories there!

Kathy said...

Linda, I enjoyed your post about building your house, which is beautiful by the way. I understand everything that you wrote, since we rebuilt ourselves 3 years ago. Quite an undertaking at our age... We'd lived in our old house for 30 years. Our stories differ some, because our daughter and her family moved into our old house once we moved out. The entire family still gets to enjoy the old house, just with a different family living there. Blessings to you, kathy

Lynnette Kraft said...

I think it's wonderful that you are so in love with your new home. You'd think you just moved in last week by the way you talk about it. That's what I call appreciation! :)

Don't worry - it was hard on the kids when you moved, but you are who they love and as long as they have you and Gramps in the house, they don't care where it is.

Love you.

Kate said...

Your house is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the pics and moments with us!

Jami said...

Hey Linda, Girl! :) Love your "new" home!! Beautiful and I can tell that it expresses your personality and style all throughout... very classy! I hope that one day Luke and I will be able to build a home together that has all of our personal touches rather than the problems created or left unattended by previous owners. It's great that you were in the same home for 20 years, I think our record, to date, is 5 years. Our poor kids... Hopefully when we finally build a home we'll be there forever. :) You are so right... love is what makes any house a home. :)

Kim said...

What a beautiful home! What a great story to remember about the building process. It looks like you are enjoying it and making lots of memories.

Deanna said...

Dear Linda,
This is a delight to see your lovely home.
So very nice!!!!

I enjoyed walking down memory lane with you.
Love your home,

croleyc69 said...

What a beautiful home and wonderful memories. I love it and thanx for sharing it.

Lori said...

I loved the experience of building our house and my husband's concern was the sound and electronics and mine was what goes INSIDE the house - the pretty stuff!

You have a lovely home! I'm going to get my walk up today - just a day late!

Kristin said...

I just love reading your stories. I think I could just sit with you and listen to every story you have and I'd love that! :) I love that you were able to build your dream house. I know what you mean about picking everything out and that being an adventure, and driving by to see the progress. It's a lot of fun and so exciting when everything starts coming together! Hope you're having lots of fun with the grandkids!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What beautiful pictures! Reminds me of the process we went through also when we built our house 6 years ago. Nice memories.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Your home is so lovely, just like sweet friend. I love the pictures of it filled with your beautiful family! What a blessing...and what a sweet memory!

Love you, dear Linda...

Linda said...

Thank you dear blog friends, for all of your sweet comments on my post about our house.

"A house is just a house...but friends and family make it a HOME".

Last night our home was filled with love and laughter as we celebrated a couple of family member's birthdays. God is Good! (:>)

sanjeet said...

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