Saturday, January 9, 2010

Enjoy the Beauty God Gave Us!: Six Word Saturday

I did this post a couple of days ago and then I saw that the title of my poem had six words! I want to really see the wonders of the Lord in 2010 and to "Enjoy the Beauty God Gave Us"...So these are my six words on this Saturday! If you would like to join in the fun and add your "six words" post, just click on the button above and find out what to do.

Enjoy the Beauty God Gave Us!

God gave us so much beauty on this earth to behold
My eyes can see it everywhere…it’s a story to be told

The bees upon the flowers…the butterflies on the branch
The snow covered mountains that deserve a second glance

The creatures in the ocean that wash up and grace the sands
They are dazzling little treasures we gather in our hands

The starfish and the seashells… and the sand dollars too
They give us so much pleasure when they come into our view

The trees in blazing autumn turn from green to orange and gold
The red ones are my favorites…they’re so vivid and so bold

The glistening brooks and rivers…they refresh…and make us new
As we gaze upon their beauty… or a waterfall or two

The variety of flowers as they stand so straight and tall
Or the ones that like to ramble…climbing up against the wall

Those flowers show the pallet that the Lord held in His hand
As He joyfully created all the colors of the land

The birds with all their feathers stretching out on bended wing
Soaring through the air so graceful…landing in the trees to sing

As they chirp they sound so joyful… as though they have no care
His eye is on the sparrow…when they fall... He is aware

Yes…The beauty of this earth… is daily on display
From the setting of the sun to the dawning of each day

As the rays of golden sunshine…stretch through clouds…we think of God
The rainbows arch the heavens… We trace their pattern and applaud

If you see a little green frog…or a bluebird in a tree…
Or a peacock strutting proudly with her tail for all to see

Then you’re seeing God’s creation and the beauty of this earth
Let it touch you…let it move you…and enjoy for all it’s worth!

Linda~~~ January 2010


Kristin said...

I think we forget sometimes that God made all of the beauty that He did. I know I take it for granted. I loved your poem!

He & Me + 3 said...

Beautiful for sure. He has made everything beautiful!

Veronica said...

Beautiful poem and awesome pictures! The Lord sure made so many beautiful things!

Kim said...

Beautiful Poem Linda. I always love your writing.

Anonymous said...

ooh...Beautiful Pictures Linda! Joe and I were talking about the "beyond" the galaxies...can you imagine what he has instore out there for us!..WOW...We are so blessed to be so loved by Jesus!..Just waking up in the morning is a gift...hope your evening was blessed!..

Holly said...

God's creation is truly marvelous! I love your poem and all the pictures you shared. Those pink trees really pop! I would love to see those in person!

Kate said...

Love the pictures and your poem. Love the part about it's always on display, so true, and how often do we give God credit for it?

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What beautiful pictures and what a great reminder!

Autumn said...

LOVE the pictures (and the poem) I can't wait for Spring. It never fails with each new season God reminds me how awesome he really is!! (helps that I'm named for one of those seasons too though haha) Happy Six Word Saturday!!

Ben McCarthy said...

These pictures are pretty spectcular. God's glory is certainly amazing, and this earth and all the beautiful things of it are just a small glimpse into how amazing He really is! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Autumn said...

Lol We NEED older and younger women blogging, wisdom comes in all forms, ages, shapes, sizes and personalities! God made us diverse for a reason, women like you encourage my walk in faith like you'd never believe!! If it wasnt for your words of wisdom us "young gals" would make more mistakes than ever just to learn a few lessons (we make enough mistakes on our own, sometimes from ignoring the advice of our elders!!)

By the way, if you want people to be able to respond better to your comments add your email to your profile (I learned that from another blogger!)

Thanks for your comment back on my blog!! Have a blessed day!!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Lord, Your handiwork
is everywhere; all things sing,
“Praise You, Creator!”

Six-Word sleepless!

Kathy said...

Beautiful poem and pictures. Happy SWS, Kathy

Kimmy said...

God is good, isn't he!! These are absolutely gorgeous!! I love taking pictures and maybe I need to use 2010 as the year to captures all of God's wonderful pleasures :O)

Happy 6WS!

croleyc69 said...

Very beautiful and such a awesome poem. I just love your blog so much. Very uplifting.

Call Me Cate said...

Such beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us and for playing 6WS.

Vera said...

SO beautiful!! Thank you for the sweet comment. I hope you feel better.