Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday: Yippee!..George Strait and Reba Concert!

I got an early Valentine gift honey bought us tickets to see George Strait and Reba! The concert is on Feb. 19th here in Wichita at our new Intrust Arena. I am excited, and it is a good pick-me-up today for me since I have been sick for a week now. I am not a concert goer and I had no idea it would cost him $200.00...but as I said, it will be our Valentine to each other. ((smile))

I have always liked Reba and I recently read her book. I do have a few of Reba's CD's, and for Christmas my youngest daughter gave be a collection of George Strait CD's called "Strait Out of the Box", and today my hubby and I have been listening to them. Before my husband was a Christian all he listened to was Country, so he knows a lot of these songs. There was a book in the set of CD's and it tells of how George got started, and then tells about the first 15 years of his career. Since that book was written he has another 15 years under his belt. He is a well respected artist and in the book it said he is like the nice guys from days gone by, like Roy Rogers or the Lone Ranger, or Gene Autry...riding in to save the day. He's the... "Good Cowboy in the White Hat".

I think we will enjoy the concert and it will be an experience I can blog about. Everything is "blog material" when you blog! Just a way to share your life.

So I am doing Six Word Saturday today and once again... my 6 words are: Yippee! George Strait and Reba Concert!
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Valencia said...

WOW what a great early Valentine's gift! I hope you and hubby have a great time.

Kristin said...

That's wonderful! I know it will be a great concert.....those are two of the best in the business! I bet you will have lots of fun!

I sure hope you feel better soon!

Becca said...

That sounds like a really fun concert!!! I love Reba! :)

Adoption Of Jane Ug-LBC said...

So Awesome!! I Luuuuuuuuv Reba!! Her t.v. show comes on twice in a row on weekday mornings. My son and I watch it before school!

croleyc69 said...

What a great gift and I hope you & hubby have a great time.
Praying that you soon will be feeling better.

Jim said...

I'm glad you like them. At least one, maybe both will be at our Houston Rodeo this year. Come on down!
Happy 6WS! Thanks for helping me stay awake.

He & Me + 3 said...

Woo hOO for you! Here are my 6 words for you. You are going to have FUN.

Kathy said...

Wow, what a nice Valentine's gift! I love both artists--so talented. I could listen to them all day. I have the cd collection Straight Out of the Box myself! Was Reba's book good? I love non-fiction books.

I'm nearly finished with Lynnette's book, and I've been touched so much by it. It makes me realize how blessed I am, and how strong we can be when we have to be.

Your excitement about the concert reminds me of a time when my hubby and I got tickets to see Alan Jackson. We are not concert goers either, but I've been a Jackson fan for many years. My daughter's girlfriend was able to get us second row seats!!! It was one of my greatest experiences of all time! I hope you enjoy George and Reba just as much! Blessings, Kathy

Sorry that you haven't been feeling well, hope that will soon pass.

Good to be a Queen said...

George Strait gets "hotter" with age......You lucky girl, what a great valentines present for both...ENJOY!!!

Autumn said...

Oh how fun!!!! I LOVE Reba (and George Straight is awesome too)!! You're going to have a blast! And yeah tickets to see them are insanely high but totally worth the experience! Have a blast girly! You deserve it!!


Anonymous said...

Six word Saturday - on Sunday ... I AM INCREDIBLY AND SINFULLY JEALOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH and congratulations...I think that is so totally cool!!

Love you guys!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

I had to laugh at this comment:
George Strait gets "hotter" with age.. HA HA HA HA!!!!

I'm glad you get to go. I might go to see Sylvester Stallone - oh wait, he doesn't sing! Hmmmmpffff! Was that funny? :) I DID JUST (tonight) watch Rocky with Kyle and the little boys. I'm serious when I say, I get warm fuzzies from it. And the music... ahhhh! I love the Rocky music. Am I pathetic? Of course you know I wouldn't pay $100 to go and get my picture taken with him as you teasingly suggested a couple of years ago.

Okay, done being silly. Taking a break from my writing for a few minutes.

Love you much momma. Hope you get to feeling better very soon.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Yay...what a wonderful surprise from your sweet husband! Sounds like fun! Hope you feel better soon, sweet Linda...praying for you this morning...


Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

How fun is that going to be?!!!! I used to listen to Reba all the time, then I got too holy ;-) Kiddding! Brian took me to one of her concerts many years ago.

Verna said...

That is fantastic! You will have so much fun!
ENJOY..... I too am almost jeolous.

Holly said...

What a great gift to share together! I hope you both enjoy it and have a fun time. I've always liked Reba and her music.

Call Me Cate said...

What a great gift! Hope you have a fantastic time at the concert.

Thanks for playing 6WS!