Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to America~~~Poem

Happy Birthday to America

Happy Birthday to America… the land of the brave and free
One nation under God above where I can worship thee

I’m free to worship and to praise
I’m free the flag to proudly raise

I lay my hand over my heart and pledge allegiance true
Oh America I do adore the purple mountain’s view

The golden grain that bends and waves as the breezes gently blow
We have the deserts and the plains, the oceans, and the snow

The eagle soars in skies of blue, and lands atop a tree
Where he can rest his wings awhile… a symbol of the free

This is a land of hope and peace, and freedom here for all
Our freedoms came at a high price…many a soldier’s fall

And once a year we pause and thank the good Lord up above
For giving us this land of grace…this token of His love

Happy Birthday to America… and for all who dwell inside…
May we never stop loving you and viewing you with pride

How blessed we are to live here, and to raise our families free
In this land of awesome beauty as far as the eye can see

The bombs bursting in air… are now fireworks fair… as they glisten, and twinkle and fade
There’s celebration and noise, and we view them with poise and the meaning is hard to evade

It’s the birthday of our nation and the land that we all love
So Happy Birthday to America…and thanks to God above!

By Linda Hogeland…July 2010


Sarah Robbins said...

What a nice celebration of our wonderful country. I am so thankful to live in a country where I am free to worship God. I was thinking a lot about that this week, when so many others around the world do not have that same freedom.

Karin said...

What a beautiful, meaningful poem in celebration of your nation's birthday! God bless!

Deanna said...

Thanks to God above!!!

Linda, This is a well written poem that you have created and posted.

I had a sweet 4th of July, though raining it was still wonderful.

God bless you!

Kristin said...

So beautiful! We are blessed to live in this country!

Jenilee said...

that is beautiful... I love reading your poems. For some reason, I felt more thankful for our country this year. Maybe it is all of the political turmoil, but something made me so thankful for what our country has been and how it was started under God. Thanks for posting!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Beautiful poem, Linda! And...I am thanking God right with you for our precious freedom that has come at such a dear price for many. Happy Birthday America!

Love to you...

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for sharing the poem. Loved the is a great country to live in, even though we grumble alot. God bless America!!

Ashley DeLen said...


I love your poems :O)

And to answer your question DeLen is my middle name!!

I do so love spending time with my daughter. And one bonus in being a mother that I adore is just not caring what others think and then I go asplashing along with her! Much more fun that way :O)

Have a wonderful day!

Diana said...

Amen! Wonderful poem for our country, Linda! you have such a way with your writing and I so enjoy reading all of it!

God bless America! It's still great!


Jingle said...


Jingle said...

awards, including one for poetry, enjoy!