Saturday, November 20, 2010

Headaches...A Thorn in My Flesh

Headaches…A Thorn in My Flesh

Headaches are not fun for me
I get them all too frequently

They tense me up and bring me pain
For many days they do remain

I try to sleep in a dark room
Then I awake, and still they loom

The wheat heat comforts me a bit
But these darn headaches just won’t quit

I often cry, and moan, and then
I find I do it all again

They are the thorn inside my flesh, my heavy cross to bear
But my dear Lord, He understands and never leaves me there

What is your thorn, your lot, your pain… with which you have to deal??
Give it to the Lord above…He hears your soft appeal

But if He says, “Dear child I’m here…right here in every trial”
Then just perhaps amidst the pain you’ll find the grace to smile!

When headaches leave I feel’s like I’m born again
To live my life and praise my Lord who took away my sin

They will return, but so will He, to comfort and to care
He loves me and I know that He is with me everywhere

Upon that cross so long ago He knew the greatest pain
They tortured Him, He bled and died, our victory to gain

A crown of thorns upon His head…piercing pain indeed
Compared to His… my pain seems small…"Forgive me Lord” I plead

He blankets me in peace and love, and comforts me each time
So I shall bear this thorn with faith…and pray for grace divine!

Written by Linda Hogeland
November 2010

Six Word Saturday


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Good, happy Saturday morning to you Linda!! Wow...all I can say is wow!!! This was/IS one amazing piece of poetry!!! As so well put that it makes us who are only human, stand up and see our world in a whole different perspective!!!

thanks for visiting my 6 words [camera critters and weekend funnies] today

Joanie M said...

I hope you get rid of your headache soon.

Rebecca Jo said...

wow... now that is the most impressive six word saturday I've ever seen!!!!

Karin said...

Deeply meaningful poem! This is deep spiritual gain through this pain!

Call Me Cate said...

Unfortunately, I understand that pain all to well. Hope this upcoming week is headache-free for you and thanks for playing 6WS!

Jenilee said...

oh headaches are horrible. praying that you find relief from them!

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with headaches so often, Momma Linda. This poem was so beautifully written, though.

Deanna said...

Dearest Linda,

So sorry about these headaches. I know they can be debilitating. Awful.

Praying for no more headaches for you.

Migraine, sinus, food allergy, tension, hormones, medical problems, something else, they can be terrible.

God bless you,

Aspiemom said...

So beautifully written and I understand so well!

Verna said...

How true, Headaches can and are a thorn in our flesh. I can relate, tho mine are not migraine...I get/headache neck pain ...They say he whip lashes that I had when I was much younger. They told me then that they would rear their butts and give me fits in my older years....and Yep they were right. Therefore, this next week I will be resting and relaxing at the Ortman Clinic in South Dakota. In the past they were able to give me relief and help me with this pain, so I hope this time will be the same. They can simply keep all the pain and throw it away.
Hope yours has gone away.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can find some relief from your reoccurring headaches.

My current thorn in the flesh is just the common aches and pains of growing old.

I hope you have a good week Linda