Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Is Meant To Be Shared!

Just browsing through some pictures today of my family, and viewing them made my heart feel happy, so I thought I would share them with you...because Love Is Meant To Be Shared! These are my Six Words for this Saturday.

I am adding a poem I wrote this morning

Love Is Meant To Be Shared

Love is meant to be shared not hidden away
So reach out to someone and share love today

You just never know what a day may bring forth
So latch on to someone with all that you’re worth

Those in your family who are closest to you
Need love, affirmation… and affection too

Human touch can heal a hurting heart
A loving hug gives a day a good start

A pat on the back for a job well done
Goes a long way when given to a son

Praise for the dinner and a kiss for the cook
Gives great satisfaction by her pleased look

Thanks dad!… I love you… means more than you know
So why is it hard to let our love show?

Sharing is caring…sacrifice is love
We learned this from heaven, from God up above

Too often we’re selfish and love only our selves
We ignore others needs like the dust on the shelves

But when that sweet daughter offers help with the dishes
A mother feels loved and that’s all that she wishes

How about our neighbors, extended family and friends
Our own little circle shouldn’t be where it ends

Our Pastor and the church body need our love too
Especially the folks that we never speak to

I know it will shock them if we reach out a hand
And offer our greetings and love as we can

But that is exactly… what we really should do
Reach out to people and share love anew

Love is meant to be shared, not hidden away
What will it cost you to share love today?

Whatever it costs you it is worth working towards
It’s something to practice and will reap great rewards!

Written by Linda Hogeland
November 2010

Love Is Meant To Be Shared... Share your love today!

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casa da poesia said...

Song of the Rose
For Zeus chose us a King of the flowers in his mirth,
He would call to the rose, and would royally crown it;
For the rose, ho, the rose! is the grace of the earth,
Is the light of the plants that are growing upon it!
For the rose, ho, the rose! is the eye of the flowers,
Is the blush of the meadows that feel themselves fair,
Is the lightning of beauty that strikes through the bowers
On pale lovers that sit in the glow unaware.
Ho, the rose breathes of love! ho, the rose lifts the cup
To the red lips of Cypris invoked for a guest!
Ho, the rose having curled its sweet leaves for the world
Takes delight in the motion its petals keep up,
As they laugh to the wind as it laughs from the west.


Karin said...

Blessings! Your wonderful family are truly a blessing to you!

Jingle said...

Thanks for sharing love.
true 6 words. cute entry.

my entry, awards for you.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful, beautiful family! What a joy to see those smiling faces.

Happy Pink Saturday, Linda...

Love to you~


Kristin said...

I love that, Momma Linda! You and my mom would have gotten along great, because she used to say that we are here to love and be loved. Those were all great pictures! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

You have such a beautiful family...and your love for one another is evident. Love to you, my sweet friend...

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Wow...that poetry is stupendous!!! Way to go. Such talent.

And I love your 6 words...along with super fantastic faces and smiles and love.

Candace said...

just lovely!! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, too!

Tara said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Nothing sweeter than family. Sounds like you are truly blessed. Great photos!
Have a great weekend.

Kathryn said...

What a lovely, happy post Linda. :)

You are very much surrounded.

Thank you for the kind comment & coming by to visit me. Blessings you your week.

Lovingly - Kathryn

Anonymous said...

Aww, How sweet are all your precious photos of the people you love! Was fun to look through them all. :) Thanks to you and John for "sharing your love" with me over lunch the other day. I really really enjoyed it. You are a special couple and a true blessing to me. ((hug)) Seems you never run out of love for others and that is such a rare and beautiful thing.

Love and hugs...

croleyc69 said...

Very precious and very cute pics. What a lovely family you have. Love is meant to be shared.


Kaylen said...

These are great photos and really do reflect LOVE!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

LOVE the pictures!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

Great thoughts...great love shown in all these pictures!

Thanks for sharing a great post!

Janet said...

Love ly pictures and poem. Love truly makes the world go around.

Blessings & Hugs