Saturday, June 4, 2011

Granddaughter Abigail's 18th Birthday! Yay!!!

Saturday was Granddaughter Abigail's 18th Birthday!

I bet Abigail doesn't like this thumbs up picture...but Grandma does!
Abigail took this picture of the pretty blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and the Redbud tree! She has an eye for beauty!
Abigail designed this logo and picture for their Epic Cheese Blog! She and her brother Jared do skits and sing and act on this blog, and post things on Youtube.
This is Abigail playfully singing as her brother plays the piano.
Abigail is a good photographer and this is a self portrait of her out in the snow in formal attire. She is so fair and so lovely!
Her mom is taping a segment for the Epic Cheese. Abigail and Jared are multi-talented.
Ab practicing her violin. She is an excellent violinist.
Abigail is also an artist, and this is a drawing she did of her brother Jared a few years ago.
This is one of Abigail's senior pictures. I love this one!
Abigail's mom is a photographer too, and this is one she took of Abigail. There are many sides to our Abigail. She is a wonderful young woman. I just want to wish her the loveliest of Birthdays as she turns 18!
So Abigail...when you read this post, I just want you to know how proud we are of you. Grandpa and I love you so very much! Happy 18th Birthday!!!
Love, Grandma


Caroline said...

Happy 18th Birthday Abigail.
What a beautiful and talented Grandaughter you have.
<3 <3
Beautiful post & pics.

BARBIE said...

What a treasure you have in Abigail. She is a beautiful young woman!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Abigail...what a beautiful name ...perfect for such a young lady of beauty...and a true treasure to your family you are!

Enjoyed your photography and your drawing....your Nana is so proud!

Becca said...

Abigail is truly a beautiful girl and so multi-talented! You have such special grandchildren! Happy 18th birthda
y to her!!

Jeanie said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful and talented young lady.

Deanna said...

Linda, She's a lovely young lady!
Makes a Grandma proud!!!

You have much to be proud of. Haven't the years flown by?
Remember when she was a newborn and all the excitement that came with her being born?

God bless you all and saying a prayer,

Bethe77 said...

Linda what a beautfiul tribute to your beautiful and talented granddaughter.
Happy birthday to Abigal!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Happy birthday beautiful Abigail! Love to you, Momma Linda!

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful granddaughter! Your love for her is so evident - great post!

Peggy Arteberry said...

What a fantastic young lady! Hugsss and happy birthday!

You caught me. I did not write that devotion as I'm sure you could tell. I write much too simply. I just loved the correlation with tea and thought it was wonderful!

Ashley DeLen said...


First of all you are such a sweet grandma! The thumbs up picture is sweet :O)

Second, thank you for your sweet comment. The JJ Heller Concert was amazing. Her and her husband were the only ones on stage and they have such a fun way about them. Truly enjoyable time. And they sang wonderfully. Not one off note!!

It is sticky out this morning! HOpe it is a lovely Summer Kansas Day!!!



Kristens Creations said...

What a beautiful and talented grandaughter you have! Wow! Happy birthday to her...

Thanks for your nice comments on the wildflowers. I am still enjoying them...they are shedding quite a bit, oh well. Have a great night! Kristen

Kristin said...

How did I miss this post? Ha! I loved it! Abigail is beautiful, inside and out, and so talented. I love that picture of Jared that she drew! Hope she had a wonderful 18th birthday!