Monday, February 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday~~~ Random Chatter!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


1. First of all I want to remind you to join in the Spring Blog Party starting tomorrow over at my daughter's blog. You can pop over there today to find out all about it and to get ready. Lynnette has some fun questions to get the conversations rolling. AND some amazing giveaway prizes!

2. How about the Oscars last night? Did your favorites win? Did you pick your favorite dresses? I thought it was a pretty good show. (I always hate, hate, hate it when the F bomb makes an appearance anywhere...don't you? Even when it is bleeped it just makes me cringe.) But otherwise it was very entertaining. The collection of movie music that was playing at the end of the show was awesome!

3. Have you seen The Grace Card yet? It opened this weekend..and you NEED to see it soon. It will make you want to forgive and bestow grace to everyone. It is really a moving bring your tissues, and be prepared to be changed!

4. There were tornadoes in Oklahoma yesterday...and storms here in Kansas, but nothing too damaging. However, I have to admit I do not like Tornado season. Yikes! One destroyed a car next to me in a parking lot one time when a light pole crashed on it, and it blew out all of the glass windows in my car. It went over the Mall where I was working and scared me to death! (Well actually I lived to tell about it...but it still gives me shivers...and sends me to the basement when the warnings come!) I am a Christian and I know I am going to heaven when I die...but I don't want to be blown apart!

5. Please pray for (Grammy Girlfriend) Teresa's hubby Jack, who is recovering from a stroke...and now has to have a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. They have been through a lot and could use your prayers. Thanks!

Have a good Monday! See you tomorrow at the Blog Party!


Deanna said...

Hi Linda!
Glad you didn't blow away with that storm!!!

Yesterday we were on the road coming back from Oklahoma and drove through heavy rain around Wichita. It was delightful to drive into better weather the rest of the way home.

Missed the Oscars...but want to see the King's Speech.

May you have a lovely week.

Kristin said...

Haha, Momma Linda, I can understand you not wanting to be blown apart. LOL! You're so funny :D I want to see that movie so bad, but I might have to wait until it comes out on DVD since Morgan's so busy lately. I need to get started on my questions for the blog party :)

Anonymous said...

Eek! Tornadoes! We get more hurricanes here in FL, but at least you know they're coming and about when and where they are!

Jenilee said...

I'm going to be joining in!!! :) can't wait for the party :)