Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romance~~~A Valentine Poem

Here's a little poem I wrote last year that I thought I would share again. I love to feel the Lord's embrace in my life. I pray that you will feel it too this Valentine's Day...and all through your lives.


I’ve felt the music in my heart
My feet have done the dance
My life’s been taken to extremes
As I have found romance

Nothing has remained the same
Everything is new
The sunlight has a brighter sheen
The grass now glistens with the dew

The air feels fresher as I breathe
The rose has fragrance sweet and rare
My senses now feel sharp and keen
My heart has been made free from care

I once was broken and cast down
My face was so forlorn
My hopes were dashed, my dreams had died
My faith from me was torn

But now my soul sings happy tunes
As down the path I trod
Romance has been a gift to me
And brought me close to God

Who knows me better than the one
That wooed me with his love?
He laid his life down for my sake
And gave me new life through his blood

I first resisted his sweet call
And wrestled with my fears
But he romanced me with his love
And I accepted through my tears

And soon he’ll whisk me far away
To mansions in the sky
I will his bride forever be
And never leave his side

Romance may seem a silly word ….
But I can tell you true
This same romance can change your life
And make you feel brand new!

Written by Linda Hogeland


Anonymous said...

Linda, thanks for your sweet comments. I love your poem!! The Best Romance of all...

Karin said...

The Church - the Bride of Christ - and we are a part of it! What an awesome LOVE!! Beautiful poem!

Kristin said...

I love it! That is exactly what it was like when I asked the Lord to really show me Who He is. It was like a romance, where everywhere I turned, He was showing me He was there and that He cared and He loved me. It is an amazing feeling!

Samantha said...

I always enjoy reading your poems, very, very Beautiful !!
Thanks for sharing and have a very blessed day :)

Ashley DeLen said...


I love your poems :O)

I hope that you have a very sweet weekend!! And Valentine's Day :O)

Smiles :O)

Cathy Kennedy said...

What a beautiful poem, Linda!

I wanted to share with you a blog award, please visit my blog to claim it!

Aliene said...

Loved the poem. It is beautiful.
Also enjoyed your post. I don't know what all the blog awards are, but sound like you girls are having fun getting to know each other.
Stop by and visit and follow if you wish. Blessings.