Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Thankful For Our Freedom

McGlothin Family Nest

Be Thankful For Our Freedom

I’m thankful for the service men that fight for me each day.
They fight to protect us from the hate that often comes our way

Because we are America…one nation under God
We’re targeted and ridiculed and thought to be so odd

They’re jealous of our freedoms and our blessings from above
I only wish the enemy could experience God’s love

They don’t believe in Jesus and don’t like to hear His name
They think that we are spoiled and rich and only out for fame

But the majority of people are just like you or me
Living our lives from day to day… loving God from bended knee

Cherishing our families and trying to do what’s right
We want this war to end real soon so our soldiers don’t have to fight

The boys out there are people’s sons and most of them have wives
Yet they go out there and serve… to keep the freedom in our lives

Some come home, and some do not, it’s hard to understand
Yet without their sacrifice, violence would invade our land

I saw the planes on 9-11 that crashed into the buildings tall
And then I took a second look and saw those buildings fall

The terrorists desire to kill… invade, explode, destroy…
It’s all a part of Satan’s plan…disguised as a righteous ploy

What can we do to change this world…and the trouble that it holds?
Love others… and share the truth with them…as from the Bible hope unfolds

If we hate them as they hate us…what good would that hate do?
We must defend ourselves, I know… but we must pray for others too

Grow closer to The One who holds our weak and trembling hand
And pray for strength to carry on….and may He bless our land

Be sure to pray for our service men who give for us their all
Pray that God will keep them safe and not let our soldiers fall

Thy will be done oh Holy One who came to die upon that tree
For all of those who will accept… and heed your loving plea

He is The Way, The Truth, The Life and that we can’t deny
Unless we choose to disregard…and believe in Satan’s lie

So many are deceived by him…It’s sad but it is true
I pray their eyes will open up… and their hearts will do this too

Yes, even those who hate us… are not beyond God’s mercy and his love
If they will just confess their sins and look to God above

Oh what a fair and loving God…so merciful is He
He sent His own dear Son to die…to set the prisoner free!

I was a wretched prisoner…guilty and condemned to die
I’m thankful for my freedom… freedom from the destroyer’s lie

Written by Linda Hogeland
February 2011


Kathy said...

Linda, this is one of your best poems yet--and so appropriate for these days. God bless you :)

Caroline said...

So beautiful and I'm going to have my hubby read this. he will love it.
Thanx for all the sweet comments on my blog. Love you !!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful, Linda. Thank you for sharing with us. We live in the best blessed by God.

Love to you~


Kristin said...

I do love this poem! It's a beautiful tribute to our service men and our Jesus. I too wish people's eyes were opened and I know that no one is unredeemable! This was a great one!!

Jenilee said...

yes... so thankful. especially so living here in DAyton by the air force base and knowing so many military families. they really do sacrifice so much for our freedom.


Karin said...

What a deeply meaningful poem Linda! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! What a blessing!

His Doorkeeper said...

Linda, That was wonderful. We ALL take our freedom for granted, don't we? I just think someday if we aren't on our guard, some of our freedoms that we have long enjoyed will be taken away. I do fear for future generations! But GOD always steps in and steps up!

Thank you for the comment on my blog and I am SO thankful for God's Word...where would we be without it!
And when we travel to other countries, people are so hungry for His Word....may that be so here in America is my prayer!

Janet Rose said...

What a gift you have! Love the poem. We are studying Presidents and US history right now. This fits in well with our lessons!

Ana Carolina said...

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