Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My New Way Of Eating...How I lost 15 pounds in 32 days just by eating good food!

My life has seemed so much more colorful these days!  I am embracing the new me.  I have not arrived yet...but I am totally on my way!!!!  You can start your new healthy life at anytime...it's never too late.  I will be 63 next month! 

These days I am singing praises to the Lord...and giving kudos to my Health Coach, Denise Stamm.

Those are herbs in the background, not medicine. She is totally into natural.

Denise offered me a great Summer Detox Plan, which has helped me to finally feel better, and to also start losing weight!  So far I have lost 15 pounds!!!!!  I am so excited!!!

Click on the link below and find out about her "Sensational Summer Detox Plan".  It's worth every penny in my opinion.  :)  Through email she can answer any questions, or there is also a number to call to speak with her.  She really knows her stuff!

Sensational Summer Detox Plan

I am enjoying the beautiful colors of fresh, healthy food!

I have had an added bonus as a result of this eating plan...I have not had a migraine in 33 days!  Denise has encouraged me all along the way, and I think she is very knowledgeable about health.

I have been completely satisfied with the recipes, and I have never felt deprived.

I love all of the healthy fruits and vegetables that are available in the summer!

I learned that when you buy strawberries you need to wash them and then let them sit out to dry thouroughly
before you store them, and then they last longer and don't get moldy as quickly!

I have enjoyed the spinach smoothies for breakfast!

I never dreamed they would be so delicious!

And another thing I have enjoyed on these hot days, is my Organic, Decaf Peppermint Iced Tea!

Denise has been my friend for over 20 years.  She has studied hard and is a certified Health Coach.  She has overcome many health issues herself because of her healthy life-style...and now she is showing me how to be an over-comer too!

She supplies you with a wealth of information, and a very detailed eating plan, over 89 recipes, and a shopping list for everything you'll need.  She makes it "easy peasy"!!!  She tells you all you'll need to know to be successful with this sensible eating plan.  And she is there for you during the entire process.

It detoxes your body and helps it to function better.  I will attest to feeling really good during this plan...and so I am continuing it on, and making it my life-style!  :)

I have so many food allergies...I can't eat eggs, or chicken, or poultry, or anything that has these in them.  I can't eat nuts, or anything processed in a place that also processes peanuts or tree nuts.  I can't eat avocados, mangos, or very much melon without getting sick.  I can't handle caffeine, coffee or chocolate.  And the list goes on and on, and on.

 Eating at restaurants is difficult for me because of cross contamination...and because I can't afford to get anaphalactic shock because of someone's error. Because of me having so many allergies and food intolerances, I have to be really careful, and my body just doesn't function right sometimes.

This detox plan is great for eliminating allergens....and identifying some that you didn't even know that you had.  I am now thinking that my terrible migraine headaches that I have had for over 30 years may be caused by an unknown allergy to some foods I have been eating on a regular basis.  Because while eating on this plan for 33 days, I have been headache free...and I feel like shouting Hallelujah!

If you have any issues similar to mine, this plan can be really helpful.  Or if you just want to lose some weight and feel really good, you should try this plan!

 Again..I have to say a big THANK YOU to my wonderful Health Coach...Denise.

 My world is looking a little more colorful these day since I have lost 15 pounds!  I may not look much different yet, but I can tell that my clothes are fitting a little loose...and that motivates me to continue!  AND the fact that I am feeling so good is such a blessing!  Life is good!

Color me Happy!!!!


Deanna said...

Hi Linda.
I am very happy for you!

Happy 4th of July!

BARBIE said...

Truly amazing! I am so proud of you and excited for this new way of living. I checked on the summer detox plan and it sounds amazing. With an unemployed hubby it's hard to afford anything extra, but I am sure it's worth every penny as you say. Just saw my doctor yesterday and I really need to lose some weight. Pray that I find the right plan for me!

Kelly said...

I am so proud of you, Linda! I can tell in your face that you have lost weight! Keep up the good work! It's so wonderful that you are feeling better!


Jeanie said...

Kudos to you, Linda. The tone of this whole post shows that this has been a wonderful plan for you. I am glad you are feeling so well.

Amy said...

Wow! Not having migraines is HUGE! I'm so glad for you. Starting a new thing (aka, CHANGE) is really hard, but there isn't any growth without change! It's great to hear how this change is impacting your health for the better.

Aspiemom said...

You are a walking advertisement and the plan sounds great, from what I've gathered from her site. I have about 50 lbs to lose and would love to do this plan you've done, but I will have to wait until I've saved up the money. Too many medical bills!

Lynnette Kraft said...

How exciting to be feeling so much better! I'm so happy for you. Sounds like Denise knows her stuff! :)
Love you Momma.

Kathryn said...

Good for you! You look wonderful :)

Eating as God intended is so much better than eating the horrible food-like things man has made (but taste good) and then depending on doctors and medicines to try to recover.

Many long and happy days to you. I'm sure your family will appreciate having you around longer and healthier. Hugs.

LC said...

That friend and the plan are blessings as well as your willingness to change. This comes with a prayer.

Janet said...

Hi Linda

I am going to check into your plan.
I have been calorie counting since February and I have lost 23 pounds. I need to add in more exercise though. It seems like I have been sicker since I have lost the weight so maybe I need to do the detox.

Thanks for the tips.
Blessings & Love

pam {simple details} said...

You are so darn cute! What a great accomplishment, I'm so glad you feel great! :)

Kimberly Mitchell said...

Hi Linda

I haven't been around for awhile and I thought I'd check in on you. You look great. I love those spinach smoothies too. Glad to see you're still blogging. I'm trying to get back into it to. I took a very long hiatus but so glad to be back.