Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sunrise......... by Linda Hogeland

In the early morning hours as I rise from slumbers sweet
I search the dark and black horizon
Longing for my eyes to meet,…..
The morning with its subtle dawning,… the colors stretching as they wake
Greeting me with glorious splendor,….bidding me my prayers to make

Oh my precious Lord and Master,.. How I wonder at your plan
Who am I to share this beauty? Who am I,… but mortal man?

Such a gift you’ve given freely,…colors bursting from the sky
Wonders of your vast creation,…
How can man your love deny?

There is hope within each sunrise
Hope to face the brand new day
Gone are yesterday’s demises
Hope replaces my dismay

Like the promise of the rainbow,...
That you hung across the sky,
Sunrise stirs the love within me,…
Thinking how you bled and died,….

Thinking how you suffered for me,….
Passed through hell so I could live,…..
Live to see each morning’s sunrise
And your hope to others give

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Jamimania said...

Hi Linda! WOW... you are a very talented writer. I see now that the gift is being passed down through the generations. :) Your writing is very inspiring, I also love to read anything that Lynnette or Abigail write. By the way, that's a great photo of you and your hubby. :)