Monday, November 9, 2009

The Quiet of the Morning

I am so inspired by the quiet beauty of the morning. I often feel led to write poems at the first light of the day. I hope you don't get bored with this topic. It just moves me in a spiritual way! (Hey, that rhymed...and I didn't even plan it! teehee)

The Quiet of the Morning

I love the quiet of the morning
When the world is hushed and still

Peaceful silence all around me
Darkness starts to raise its veil

Watching as the sun comes peeking
Slowly from the dark abyss

Colors dawn the far horizon
Leaving views I dare not miss

Birds awaken with soft chorus
As if they’re singing just for Him

Or so it seems on this glad morning
As they warble reverent Hymns

There’s a squirrel at work already
Climbing up the nearest branch

Putting something in his nest
So high up it blocks my glance

One by one the houses waken
Lights go on and noise occurs

They come to life and steal the silence
Filling space with busy blurs

So much for the tranquil moments
That the quiet morning brought

It quickly flees until the morrow
Leaving me with precious thought

Thoughts of how my dear Creator
Brings the morning… new each day

Dew filled grass and hazy splendor
Comes alive as if to pray

Trees start swaying in the breezes
Lifting arms in wordless praise

Light shines on the plants and flowers
As if they’re on center stage

Morning ushered in this glory
The beauty of the Master’s day

He raised the curtain and the actors
Take their bows and start their play

Act one is titled…Quiet Morning
And there’s a hush around the room

“Bravo” they shout when Act one closes
“Magnificent”…they clap and swoon

I see this all played out before me
As I gaze upon the fading moon

He presents the quiet morning
And orchestrates each lovely sound

I stand and give Him my ovation
As my heart bows to the ground

Linda Hogeland November 2009


Debbie said...

That was simply beautiful. Thank you for posting.


croleyc69 said...

So very beautiful, I love it. :)

Karin said...

My heart totally agrees with what you've written! Beautiful!

Jenilee said...

I enjoyed your poem this morning! thank you!

Deanna said...

Dear Linda,
Autumn blessings!
Lovely poem that you have shared. I could see what you had written.

How are you doing?

Kate said...

That was beautiful, as always! Keep'em coming, Linda!

He & Me + 3 said...

Beautiful picture you just painted with your poetry. Love it.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing it!

Christina said...

I love the quiet of morning........I just wish I was more of a morning person & not such a night person. I have even tried reprogramming myself to no avail!

Love the photo!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Do you know that your poetry is getting even better? I'm impressed! When you have enough, you should print Volume 1 and then just keep going! :)

What a beautiful person you are Mom. I love that you take time to find the beauty in life.


Veronica said...

Hi Mom, sorry it's been a while since I've come to see you. I'm at least glad that I can see what you're up to on facebook now!

Just wanted to tell you that I hope you have a great day and although John doesn't know me, please tell him Happy Birthday for me (I heard it was his b-day on Lynette's blog)!

I'm so sorry I missed your book giveway. It sounds like a good one that I will have to read when I don't have so many hats to work on.

Love you,

Samantha said...

I also love the quiet of the morning.
You are so talented, this is just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing, blessings to you dear friend.

Kristin said...

I am so far behind on blogging today, but I had to hop over here and wish John a very Happy Birthday!! Tell him thank you so much for being a great example and testimony for me to have hope that one day Morgan would also become saved. I had no idea the Lord would answer our prayers so fast! Your story about John always gave me such hope in those days when I wasn't sure if it would happen. I am so greatful for both of your prayers and I hope you had a wonderful day today, and have many more wonderful years and Birthdays to come! Love you!

Holly said...

I would love to see the sunrise. I get up so early for work that it is always dark but I don't mind seeing the stars. I like it when there are no clouds and I can see them all.