Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Nativity

I just got the beginnings of a new Nativity set. I haven't been able to find the shepherds, sheep, donkey and other animals that go with it...or the wise men. But I have been looking online, and I hope I will find the additional pieces somewhere. But if I can't, that's ok. I have "The Most Important" part right? Mary, Joseph and the baby JESUS!

I don't know why I have never really had a nativity set. I have always wanted a nice one, but just never bought one. It seems there was always so much to buy at Christmas...and I just kept telling myself I would have one..."someday".
Someday seems to never come... unless you "Just Do It". (Nike's slogan) ((smile))

This year I have been thinking so much of the first Noel. That blessed first Christmas. Emmanuel...God with us! Isn't it amazing that the "King Of Kings" would put on flesh and dwell among us?!? If you are a mother, you know that mothers dream about their babies and wonder what they will be like. Can you even imagine what Mary was pondering in her heart? Knowing that she was carrying the Son of God?!?!
And then actually looking into the face of God when her baby Jesus was born, and kissing Him? WOW!

I love the song "Mary Did You Know?" I haven't heard it yet this season. I will have to go and get one of my cd's out and listen to it...because it touches my heart every single time I hear it!

And how about this wonderful man Joseph...imagine what he felt as he helped care for this special gift. He was a willing servant just as Mary was. They were entrusted with raising the Savior of the World. The grace of God was sufficient for their mission. It is an amazing story and one that I never tire of hearing.

May we all pause at this busy time of year and stop and thank the Father for the wonderful gift of His Son.


Jenilee said...

I love that song and love your nativity! :) We actually bought our nativity when we were dating! crazy, I know! I still have it and we set it up every Christmas. :)

Verna said...

Love your natiavity. Hope you will be able to find the other pieces.

The one we have was a ceremic set (Gift from Bud's aunt).We treasure it since she is now no longer with us.

I set it up under my Christmas tree this year. And it always reminds me of not only what Christmas is all about (Jesus coming into the world to die for my sins), but also Aunt Marie.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Your nativity is beautiful, sweet friend. I'm so glad you finally have one! Sometimes you do have to say "just do it"!

Love to you!

Kim said...

Hi Linda,
Mary did you know is my favorite song and I haven't heard it this year either. I love your Nativity too. I would love to have one and will be on the lookout for one soon. Our preacher spoke last Sunday about Mary and how she must have felt being called to carry our Saviour. You know we forget how young Mary must have been and what she must have gone through. Bless you this Christmas season and the coming New Year.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a beautiful nativity!! And I also love, "Mary Did You Know?" It's one of my favorite songs. I've often wondered about Joseph as well! Great post!

Kristin said...

I love your nativity set! I have been having my eye on the willow tree one. The only set I have is a little ceramic one that my MIL gave me....it just has the wise men, a sheep, and baby Jesus and they look like children, but I like it.

Lynnette Kraft said...

I don't have a nativity this year. I had one for a a lot of years, but several pieces got broken so I need to find a new one. I absolutely love having one and look forward to getting another - maybe after Christmas this year when everything is on sale. Yours is certainly beautiful - and yes, you really don't need additional pieces do you - because you have the most important ones.

Thank you for the inspirational post - I'm so in love with Jesus.

Can't wait to see you and the fam on the 26th (and this Sunday too).

Veronica said...

Your nativity scene is beautiful. I have one my mom gave me but it's kinda old and one day I would like to get one I really love. It's just so hard with the girls wanting to touch everything!

Holly said...

I have an old set that was given to me by my mom. I think it belonged to my great grandma or something. Otherwise I wouldn't have one. I did put it up. I really hope that you can find the other pieces!

Deanna said...

Dearest Linda,
God Bless you this sweet Christmas Season.

The Nativity Scene you have is so lovely! Very HAPPY that you have this.

I always treasured (I must admit...Coveted!) my Mom's Nativity Scene. It was so BEAUTIFUL to me and I fell in love with these little figurines. She'd display hers on top of her tv console.

This year I have mine on a coffee table. Just got it out a few days ago because my sweet hubby had to stand on his head to reach it out in the garage. I've gotta get more organized & hope to in 2010
We still aren't settled after almost 3 years. This is terrible. Frown.

God Bless you and comfort you this Christmas. Thank you for sharing about the Angel you have and Hark The Herald Angel Sings. What a sweet thing to have after the death of your Mom.

Take care and if for some reason I don't pass by your site before Christmas...May you have a wonderful Christmas with rich blessings. Next time I sit and sip on tea, coffee or water to calm my nerves for the day, I am gonna think about my sweet blogging family and friends!

You will be on my mind and in my heart,

Good to be a Queen said...

I have a beautiful nativity set that I put out after reading your post....I havent put it out in years..This year especially, I needed to be reminded about the meaning of Christmas .....Thank you sweet friend for your heartfelt comments reguarding my family and this lovely post...

He & Me + 3 said...

Your nativity is beautiful and unique. I hope you are able to finish it. I saw in the post above that you found a few more pieces. Good for you. It is gorgeous.

simplebeauty said...

Merry Christmas :O)