Saturday, March 23, 2013

Six Word Saturday! Yay...Bradford Scott's Birthday Is Today!

Six Word Saturday!

My six words:

Yay...Bradford Scott's Birthday Is Today!

Today is our son-in-law Brad's birthday.  He is an all around "good guy"!!!  We all love him so much!  Here he is with our daughter Lisa and their daughter Bailey.  And here are some more pictures of some family fun.

Life is always fun when Brad is around!  He is a pastor...and loved by all who know him!

Happy Birthday Brad!  We love having you for a son-in-law!

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Deanna said...

Dear Linda, That is good news that it's birthday time for s-i-l.

May he have a super birthday! Your daughter is blessed to have a good guy for a hubby and you're blessed for him being a nice guy.

Wonderful Saturday to you and so happy it's Spring. Suppose to get snow this week-end and as the week progresses warmer temps will arrive.


restlessjo said...

Will you be having a celebration together, Linda? I can't remember if they live nearby. Enjoy if you are. If not- a relaxing weekend?

Dana said...

Happy birthday to Brad!

McGuffy Ann said...

Have a wonderful family weekend!

Karen S. said...

Oh goodness gracious, it looks like a fun day for all! Love the happy faces. What a great birthday party! Send my, Enjoy Your Happy Birthday too!

Dianne said...

A Godly son-in-law is truly a big blessing!
Dianne @

Suzy said...

Hope Brad had an awesome birthday. Loved your post - bubbly and happy.

Xiomara | Equis Place said...

Happy Birthday to Brad!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Blessings to your handsome SILove sweet friend. I LOVE IT that you adore him. That's how I feel about our Micah. Such a dear young man and we couldn't be more pleased for our daughter.

God is like that...blesses and blesses.

You are sooo special to me.

Love, Rebecca

Lisa said...

What a blessing to know there is a good man taking care of your daughter!