Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Will turned 18...and got a Tattoo in Memory of Anna!

Tattoo In Memory of Sweet Anna

On August 26th my grandson Will turned 18.  It was a milestone birthday for our boy who turned into a man.  Will is a quiet guy with soulful eyes...and I often wonder what he is thinking.  He is such a loving and caring guy.  He gives grandpa and I the biggest hugs, and we feel the love flow between us!  He towers over grandma now and makes me feel little and fragile when he wraps his strong arms around me and says..."I love you grandma!"  My heart melts when he does that.

I remember the little baby boy who spent the first year of his life with us when his mom and dad moved in, so they could save money for a house.  I took turns with his mom walking the floor with him in the middle of the night when he had colic.  We would also lay him in the infant seat on top of the dryer so the noise and the vibration would lull him to sleep as we stood there watching him.  He was a beautiful baby boy, and we loved him so much it hurt!!!

He went everywhere with us...even to our women's Bible Study in the evenings, since his daddy worked nights...and we didn't want grandpa to stress out if he got fussy!  (Even though gramps was very good with him, and loved him every bit as much as we did!)

As he got a little older and could sit up on the floor, we would give him some toys and watch him play.  He would make the funniest faces.  His Aunt Lisa would call him the "face makin' baby"...and we were all amused at his antics.

Will was to be the oldest of the four siblings...and they came quickly all in a row, so they were all close in age.  His momma had to buckle four little ones into four car-seats everywhere she went, for the longest time.  As most first-borns do, Will took it upon himself to be the "leader" of the others....you know, the boss!  I think that through the years he always has looked forward to the day when he would be an adult!  And now that day has finally arrived!

Will lives up to his name...he does have a strong will sometimes, and when he makes up his mind to do something, it usually happens.  I think when he was little, his mom read...."The Strong Willed Child"....by James Dobson, trying to understand her oldest son...and learning how to accept this as a good character trait, and that it can certainly be one.  I think that to the Lord we are all "strong willed children", wouldn't you agree?   

Will is so smart, and very capable.  Like his mom, his grandma too is also sure Will can do whatever he sets his mind to do.  There are times when I have wished I were as secure!  My insecurities still surface in my life, and I am 63 years old!  Ha!  But there is a soft and tender side to William, and we all know it is there inside this quiet guy.  He loves in a big way!  And we all love him so very much!

One way that this has recently been displayed is how he wears his heart on his sleeve...or should I say, a new tattoo he wears on his arm!  Now like I told you, I am 63..and not all that fond of tattoos myself,...but this one touched my heart.

It says Anna Gabrielle Kraft...1998-2004

Anna is our Granddaughter....Will's cousin... who died at 6 years old to heart issues.  Will was about 9 years old when Anna died.  I know it affected us all so very much to say good-bye to that precious little girl...but I think Will has never said, or been able to say just how much it affected him too!  This tattoo may be an outward display of love and affection...his way to express his inward feelings of loss.  He designed it, and has wanted to get it for a long time.

I think part of the tattoo thing for him is also being able to decide to do it, and not have to ask permission at 18 I guess...but I also kind of see it as a passage into manhood.  I mean look at all of the soldiers who get tattoos first thing when they enlist.  It is like they are saying that if they are man enough to fight for their country, then they are man enough to get a tattoo if they want to!  I agree.  As adults we are all free to make our choices.  Hopefully we will put thought into what we decide to choose..and hopefully our decisions won't hurt other people..or ourselves.  And as a Christian I also want my choices to please God.  I think judging others does not please God, and I am trying to improve in that area.

We have 11 living grandkids and 3 more in heaven.  Life is not always easy...and we do face trials in this life.  Sometimes big trials...life and death trials! Tattoos are not a life or death thing. Tattoos are a personal choice and even though I choose not to get one, (wouldn't that be a shocker if I did choose to get one?  Ha!) but God has shown me that I should not be the judge if others decide they want one.  To me it just isn't a big deal anymore.

I love my William, and I loved my Anna...and I think this tattoo is kind of a step into manhood for Will...and a lesson in understanding in this grandma's life.  I know lots of people who have tattoos, and I love each and every one of those people...some of them sit in church with me...and some are friends, and some are members of our extended family, and I don't think they expect me to approve or disapprove...it is not my place...it is their choice.  If people reading this have tattoos, I pray you won't be offended in any way by me speaking on this topic.  No offense was intended for sure!  It is your choice....and that is perfectly fine with me.  :)

This post is just a personal expression of my love for my grandson Will.  When you get right down to it, we are all different aren't we?   Some people choose to get tattoos, and some choose not to get tattoos...some have their ears pierced like mine and some don't, and some people wear makeup, and some choose not to wear makeup, or dress the way I do, or they don't dye their hair etc., etc..  We are all unique, and we are all loved by God.  And that's what really matters!!! And it is important to love others always!  Have a blessed day.  Love, Linda 

 4 Monkeys in a tree!

 Will and Grandpa!

Our sweet Anna!


Maryellen said...

I'm not a tattoo person either but this one I love. I think when they are chosen for a purpose as special as this they are wonderful and meaningful.

There are a million crazy things he could have chosen on his tatoo but what a choice he made.

I know she is smiling down from Heaven looking at her name in lights ;D

Lynnette Kraft said...

I love you... and Will... and Anna... and LOVE.

I'm thankful that God created love. We would be lost without it.


LC said...

Touching profile of a special young man. And you do not look like the grandma of an 18-year-old!

BARBIE said...

What a beautiful tribute to Anna!

Aspiemom said...

Will sounds like a special young man!

Mlissabeth said...

I like the thought that a tattoo can be an outward sign of an inward feeling. A lot of times, tattoos have special meanings.

rlavalette said...

Wow; that's a tat and a half.

restlessjo said...

I'm "old school" too and can't stand them, but you're right Linda- nothing but the love matters. Sounds like you've had nothing but joy from Will. Long may it continue.

Claudia said...

Will sounds like a wonderful person! God bless him for thinking of his cousin! Thanks for sharing... :)

soulbrush said...

Wonderful post, wonderful tattoo. You sure sound proud.

Kathe W. said...

what a sweetheart! Enjoy your day!

bookmammalmusings said...

What a lovely tribute from your grandson. . . and what a lovely tribute from you as well!

Jim said...

That is a very nice tribute to his little cousin, Linda. At age 18 'kids' do things they have to live with. Our family isn't tatoo'd except a few of the girls have small ones that are out of sight.

I kept on reading and read of your visit to Estes Park. It was like homecoming to me. But really we only were there three times. Once we stayed at the YMCA Camp and the other two at the Hobby Horse Inn. One of the times at the Motel we had a family reunion with my parents there and all of the grandkids and greats. I had my boyhood police whistle to call them all in for eating, meetings, and 'time to go' out.

Tonya Jastad said...

Lovely tribute. You can feel the love.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

What a perfectly splendid tattoo! I don't have any but I admire the best of others' and this one is beautiful.

Your little Anna resembles her grandma, I think, and clearly had a happy life while she was here.

Deanna said...

Grandchildren are GRAND!!!
May this young man be blessed.

Allison said...

What a wonderful tribute Will has made to Anna. Unlike some of the actions we take at eighteen to declare our adulthood, I suspect there won't be any regrets by Will over his tattoo. God bless your family.

Arianna said...

What a sweet way to remember her :) Lovely post, I can tell how much you love him.

Chris said...

Hi Linda, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Erika Rodgers said...

I just saw this blog post! It made me cry... sweet Will. I love his heart. He gets that from you (and his mama, too, I am sure)! What a beautiful post. I can hear your heart for Will, and for people in general. I am especially touched by his tattoo in memory of his sweet cousin.

Much love to you all.