Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blogging Has Taken A Backseat In My Life

There was a time when I loved blogging.  It was a fun way for me to express my feelings, tell stories from my childhood, share events that were happening in the lives of my kids and grandkids...and I enjoyed it so much! Somewhere along the way blogging took a backseat in my life...and I didn't even see it coming!

When I joined facebook in 2008, it seemed like it was a quick way to post pictures and a short review of things that were happening on a day to day basis, and a place where I could keep up with friends and family. I guess it seemed more simple...and just easier for me.  But all of that said, I think I do miss my blog friendships and all of their stories and decorating posts and meme's.  So the other day I tried to sign into my blog...and couldn't find it on my new computer!  It seems when we got set up, somehow I was blocked out of my blog...and I couldn't figure out how to get back in!  So, when my adult granddaughter Abigail recently visited from California I asked her to help me...and here I am again!

The problem with my new computer is that I don't know how to use it very well...and also there are no pictures in this computer yet.  It stores things in a cloud...and I have no idea what that means...or how to do it!  Ha!  This poor 66 year old isn't tech savvy at all...and I always have to ask for help!  Are any of you in the same boat?  It is just so hard to teach an old dog new tricks!  At least that is how it is with me!

I did discover how to put this picture from my blog at the top of this post a little bit ago...
but when trying to add another one here in the middle, I can't quite figure it out.  So the Birthday balloons are for my granddaughter Adelynn Rose who turns 17 today!  :)  Yup...she can get her license now!  She has loved driving with her mom with her permit...but now she can actually drive on her own!

Isn't it wonderful when each new stage of life brings it's blessings?!  I do enjoy seeing each of our grandkids reach new goals and in fact, our oldest grandson just got married last Saturday to his beautiful and precious Maria!  We rejoice with them as they start their new life together in California.

Oh hallelujah...I got a picture to post here in the right place!  Wonders never cease!  Ha!
This is a picture of Jared when he went to a movie premiere to celebrate his music compositions that were in the film.  He is a wonderful composer.  But as I said there are no recent pictures stored in this computer yet, so only ones from previous blog posts are available, and so I can't post the ones of his new bride!

Here's Adelynn in the black sweater!  And her sister Julia too.
Happy 17th Birthday Adelynn Rose!  This picture is from a few years ago.  Grandma loves my kiddos!

Ok...well I guess that's all for today!  I hope I will find my way back to blogging at some point!
Have a great day everyone!


BARBIE said...

I was excited to see you here! Since my MAC has been broken I've been at a loss without all of the photos on it. I hardly know how to navigate my new PC. Congratulations on Jared's wedding!

Linda said...

Thank you Barbie! It was a sweet wedding and we are are so happy for them!
I hope I can figure out my new computer at some point...and I hope the same for you!
Have a blessed day!

Suzanne McClendon said...

I understand exactly what you mean. If it weren't for our youngest son (now a Corporal in the US Marine Corps), we never would have figured out my iPhone. He set it up and showed me what to do.

My computer is 7 years old, operating Windows Vista. I am totally not looking forward to having to learn a new operating system when I have to replace this computer. My husband and our daughters had to deal with Windows 8 when they replaced their computers and were then forced to upgrade to Windows 10 (the computer didn't give them a choice not to). My operating system is so old that Microsoft has forgotten about it/stopped supporting it, so I don't have to worry about a forced upgrade right now. I can't figure out how to do diddly on their computers!

Best wishes to you in this technology adventure that has been put before us. You can do it...and for those times you can't, don't hesitate to call for back-up. Our Marine has fixed my computer from over 7,000 miles away. Nothing beats a young whipper-snapper when it comes to technology. haha

Have a blessed week!

Becky L. said...

If u still have your old computer you can put your photos onto a thumb drive or an SD card then put them onto your new computer. I don't store anything in the cloud. Who knows what can happen! It was good to hear from you again!! Really! Thanks for sharing the lives of your grandchildren with your blogger friends! God bless you! xx

Maryellen Azarian said...

OH gosh I know what you mean.
Technology can be frustrating and it makes me crazy how nothing seems to come with instruction manuals anymore you have to download it all. hah

I have a fairly new camera and no clue how to use all the buttons. Of course it arrived with no instructions. UGH

Glad you are back to your blog.