Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Grandma's Struggle

Tonight this grandma went to watch her 13 year old grandson wrestle for the first time....
Oh my goodness,…I was a nervous wreck! As I sat there waiting for his match to come up I kept remembering him as a baby, and how he and his mom and dad lived with us for the whole first year of his life so that they could save up to buy a house.

I remembered walking the floor with him when he had colic in the middle of the night and I would get up to relieve his mommy for awhile. He would cry and cry and cry until he was so exhausted that he would eventually fall asleep, but in the meantime we walked the floor with him, and tried everything we could think of to make him feel better. We even sat him in his infant seat on top of the clothes dryer and turned it on for the noise , warmth, and vibration to try to soothe him. (We were desperate, and someone had suggested doing that) It helped for awhile, but not for long. But eventually he got over the colic and we moved on to more pleasant stages with “our” little guy.

Everyday was a new adventure and we became very attached to sweet William. My husband John and I got to experience each “first” as they came along. First smile, first time he cooed, first time to roll over, first time to sit up on his own, first time he said da-da and ma-ma etc. etc. It was such a joy to be so close to him, and to get in all of my grandma cuddles and kisses.

Well anyone that knows me, knows how soft hearted I am when it comes to my kids and grandkids. I have 11 grandkids and I can’t stand it when they are sick or hurt, or unhappy. I always want to kiss their boo-boo’s and make things better. I am always telling them to,... "be careful"!!! I know that most grandmas are cautious and careful with their grandkids,…but I am borderline ridiculous! (:>)

Well, there I sat watching my 165 pound grandson being picked up and slammed to the floor by another wrestler,…and it was almost more than I could take. I wanted to stand up and say,…“Leave my baby alone you big bully!” I kept telling my husband,… “I can’t stand this”, and he kept laughing at me. Didn’t he share my pain? Didn’t he love “our” baby boy as much as I did? Well I think I realized at that moment that there is this thing with men,….they like seeing the right of passage when a boy is becoming a man.

Maybe some moms and grandmas like this transformation too,…but I decided that I am not one of them. I mean I’m all for maturity, and watching boys grow up,…but I just had the hardest time watching this brutality! (:>) One boy got a bloody nose, and another had a bad leg cramp and he laid on the mat making faces because he was in pain as they tried to work out the cramp. and then my William was limping away,...looking so defeated. My heart was breaking for him.

You see, I never had boys in sports before, because I had three girls. I watched my girlies cheer at games but never had to worry much about injuries, unless a stunt involved lifts. I just wasn’t prepared tonight when I saw “my” baby boy out there being man handled like he was.

Aren’t I silly? I never imagined I would feel this way. Maybe the next time it will be easier for me? I don’t know. But I am seriously going to try to let my 165 pound "baby boy "grow up,… really, I’m serious,.....I am! (:>)

I think I can,... I think I can,... I think I can! It's either that,...or stay home and not attend the matches!


Lynnette Kraft said...

You can do can do it if you set your mind to it...if you set your mind to it... YOU CAN DO IT!

There's a CHEER FOR YOU! :)

I imagine it was hard. Maybe it's because it was a first for you. Keep going and it will probably get easier.

I would have loved to have seen that! Call me next time - since we're right down the road - maybe some of us could pop over and watch.

Love ya.

Julie said...

That's funny! But to be honest, I don't think I could handle watching my boys do that either!

How sweet that you've been able to watch your grandkids grow up. Since my dad was in the army, I missed those times with my grandparents, which is why it is SO important to me that my boys grow up having their grandparents nearby.

Kristin said...

You sound like a wonderful Grandma! I know it must be hard to see him all grown up. Sometimes I look at my girls and I can't remember where all the time went to. I know he will look back on this time in his life when he's older, and I bet he'll remember seeing your face in the crowd, cheering him on. That will mean alot to him, I'm sure.

Paula said...

Oh how protective we grannies are

Karabeth said...

I'm the same way when it comes to watching my son play sports. He's my youngest child and the oldest boy. He takes taekwondo lessons and plays basketball. More than once I've left a gymnasium in order to walk around, get some air, and control my emotions. I really don't "get" all that guy stuff.

Abigail Kraft said...

Heehee. Grandma...I can totally see you sitting and watching him getting beat up with a look of horror on your face. You poor thing! I'll bet you were in more pain than Will! ^_^ That's why we love you have such a tender heart for everybody! <3

I love you!

Anonymous said...

You are so very precious!! Your tender heart is only part of the reason that is true!! I doubt it ever truly gets easy for you....but it's great you were there to support him!! I know your whole family loves and appreciates you very much, as they should!!

Laura Hoekstra-Bettig said...

How sweet to learn more about your grandson and the special relationship you share with him. Thanks for visiting my blogspot today, too! See you next week...

Sally-Ann said...

A woman after my own heart!!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Your sweet, protective Grandma's heart reminds me of my mother and the love she had for my own boys. She passed away a couple years ago after a very difficult battle with cancer...but she was very protective. Even when she was only a little ninety-something pound wisp and had to use a cane, she would "talk tough" about anyone who was mistreating one of her boys! Thank you for sharing. Having boys in sports has toughened me up a lot...but I still have my protective moments, too. My husband says...they need to "man up". I guess that's how it works in boy-world! But, being a "girly-girl" that's sometimes hard for me to understand.

Blessings to you,
Kelly Gerken
Sufficient Grace Ministries