Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six Word Saturday

It's Six Word Saturday again and I thought I would tell you about my pleasant Friday afternoon...and post some pictures of my ride around town.

A Pleasant Friday Afternoon In Derby!

(Lots of small can click on them to enlarge!)

One of my favorite things to do is hang out at the Library, so I returned some books and checked out some more, and also a DVD and some CD's.

I went to Sonic and got a large Lemonade, popped the CD's in the player and went for a ride around town.

I was enjoying the neighborhood lakes and the flowering trees.

I saw some Garage Sale signs and decided to stop. I found a Pier One Tuscan looking yellow pitcher for a couple of dollars. It was marked 20.00 originally. And I bought some magazines for 25 cents.

The sky was such a pretty blue color and the clouds were white and fluffy! The Christian CD's were making my heart sing out to God as I was enjoying nature on my drive.

I decided to go to High Park and sit and enjoy the lovely weather and read those magazines, watch the ducks...and the people who were out and about.

Then I continued driving around our old neighborhoods where there are lots of mature trees...and I was sad to see that the people who lived in our house from 30 years ago had cut down the huge Sweet Gum trees that we loved so much.

Can you see them lying there in the front yard all chopped up? That made me sad. People used to walk by and admired them in the Fall and always asked me what kind of trees they were because they were so pretty.

Then I drove by our second house were we lived for almost twenty years. It was on a corner lot with lots of trees. It was a two story house with nearly 4000 sq. feet, including the basement. But after 20 years of climbing the stairs and keeping that clean and doing all of the yard up keep, we decided to build a smaller house with a smaller yard.


So we picked out a lot by the golf course and built this house 4 years ago.

I enjoy the creeping phlox. I love my rock that says..."Jesus Is My Rock!"

We still need to do some more outside and hope to do some more trees and landscaping this Spring, or Fall. But we are Happy in our Home Sweet Home.

We love our town of Derby. And I like the retired life. I especially like to enjoy these special days when I can just appreciate life and count my many blessings!

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Karin said...

Oh, wow, I would have loved to have come for a ride with you! Great town you have there! Love your house - so pretty! That rock in the flowers - too cool and such a great reminder of the Rock of Ages!

Sarah Robbins said...

Oh I am so jealous of your Sonic. The closest one is a half hour away from here- sadness. It's probably a good thing since I went every day on my way to work in Arizona!

Those flowers are just beautiful!

Kasi said...

Cute pictures and blog! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

Fiona said...

What a wonderful way to enjoy the afternoon.


Kristin said...

That was so much fun to ride around with you! :) We went to Sonic Friday too.....I was craving a cherry limeade, which is weird because I rarely go to Sonic. Ha! I love that pitcher that you got! Looks like you have some very pretty places to enjoy around your town.

Deanna said...

Hi Linda!
I enjoyed this post to see all the sights.

You got some great buys at the garage sale. LUV Garage sales.

It was so pretty today and yesterday. Spring has sprung and today it was summer... Our temps were close to 90.

Your day sounded relaxing.
Happy week-end!

Lisa said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


Jim said...

I haven't done that for a long time, Linda. But it sure is fun to ride around town and the outskirsts. Thank you for sharing.

I have never been to Derby but we go through Wichita a lot on the way to Nebraska, going up from Houston.
I did post one town of which you might like to peek. It is my pictorial tour of Cut and Shoot, Texas. Paste this:

Kylie said...

Gorgeous trees! I enjoyed this glimpse into your day.

Michelle said...

visiting back from Six Word Saturday! I love your blog! (and your hair ;)


Grandma Becky said...

Loved your drive on Sat. I did a little country drive to my favorite fruit store. I posted it yesterday. It made my day. It was a nice day out, now it's cool and a bit chilly and wet, again, but then again, that's Oregon for ya! Hugs!
Have a good Sunday!

Caroline said...

What a beautiful day. I love doing things like that !!!!
Loved the pics so much !!!!
Take care Love ya

Call Me Cate said...

Sounds like a really lovely day to yourself! Thanks for the trip around town with you!

Thanks for playing 6WS!


wise move to live in a smaller place, if it better fits your needs. caring for your home is one thing, being trapped there because it takes up all of your time, wouldn't make any sense.

thanx 4 the ride. can't wait to see trees here start blooming.

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Linda, thank you for your recent visits! Looks like it's warming up in Kansas, I hear it's really windy there. We have had lots of wind here of my pillows is ashes because of it! lol...Thank you for your nice comments on the patios. I love lots of flowers and color!

That pitcher was a great find btw! Kristen

Verna said...

Looks like you had a great day for a drive and relaxation time.

I love those days!!