Monday, February 27, 2012

Epic Cheese Video...and Misc. Monday!

Random Post~~~for Miscellany Monday

(1.) Two of my Grandkids (Jared and Abigail) have a site called...The Epic Cheese...and they just did the cutest music video called...21 Pizzas! It is silly and should make you smile!

Click Here

(2.) God has been answering so many of our prayers! I never want to fail to acknowledge Him when He brings answers! Thank you Jesus! Sick people we have prayed for are well, or improving,...surgeries have gone well and people have returned home from the hospital,...people who needed salvation got saved, (Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth Luke 15:7), issues we were praying about for ourselves and others have been taken care of,... some of the people we have been praying for who needed jobs have gotten them,...and the list goes on and on. God is so Good!

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(3.) I had a headache this weekend, so I stayed home and these people kept me company...

I had a Waltons Marathon while I was laying around with my headache! Do you like those old shows? I do!

Today is the start of another week, and God has taken the headache away...and to me that is a huge blessing! I feel so free when those headaches go away!

(4.) Spring is just around the corner. I am looking forward to it. I plan on doing some walking and getting outside more on nice days. I plan to sit in the sun each morning to soak up some Vitamin D. (:>) Hoping to go to the Garden show again this year.

(5.) I bought some new pillows and a few misc. items to brighten up my decor a little bit, and I am enjoying them. I guess I kinda have spring fever! (:>)

What's been going on with you???
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~DG said...

I LOVE The Waltons.....and Epic Cheese! You have some VERY talented grandkids :)

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, yes, I LOVE the Waltons and use to always want to be a member of their family. :o)

I am so ready for Spring and we've been having some real springlike weather. I'm ready to play in the dirt.

Wishing for you a wonderful week!

Kimberly said...

I loved the Waltons! Always loved to watch that show.

Hoping you have a good week.

Deanna said...

Dear Linda,
So glad you are feeling better. The Waltons are good people to keep company with!

Your grands are extremely talented. Enjoy watching them and listening them sing.

Sending my love,

Tami said...

1. You have very talented grandchildren!

2. So glad to hear of positive answers to prayer. We all need reminded from time to time that God is Good!

3. Love the Waltons. I've spent many hours with them. Love the values.

4. I'm getting ready to start tomato and pepper plants indoors for transplant in May. Just a touch of spring fever! But we haven't had much winter here yet - I need a major snow storm.

Jenilee said...

Oh, I love the walton's! I can't wait to introduce my girls to them :) and the epic cheese video was too funny. my girls loved it!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

somehow i did not remember your connection to the Krafts. ha! now i know. you must be so proud! they are all so talented.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I absolutely love The Waltons!! Haven't been feeling too well myself the past few days. Glad your headache is better!

His Doorkeeper said...

Sorry you had such a bad headache but the Waltons are always sunshine in the storm! Wish they still made series like this for our kids to grown up on instead of junk like "Jersey Shores". Never seen it but if you know it's trash...why watch it?

Great grandkids you have!! Thanks for your prayers for Kelly! I am taking Harper home tomorrow! We have had a lot of fun but I am TIRED! LOL

Rebecca said...

Sooo happy your headache is gone! I don't have them very often but my girl does. :(

I loved the Walton's. I watch it whenever it comes on TV. Brings back sweet memories of my own childhood. We'd gather around our tiny TV and watch it as a family~

xoRebecca PS: I'm catching up on my fav blogs!!