Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates!... Soldier receives dying wish! And Kelly is doing better!

Here is a note from Kelly from Thursday night...."Thanks for your prayers! I'm doing much better tonight!!!! Hopefully I will be even better in the morning! I may look like a normal person again after all!

Isn't this is wonderful news? Everyone who knows Kelly loves her...she is such a sweet Christian. I hope she will post another picture soon to show us her progress. Please keep praying for her. Thanks!
(Note*...Kelly went home on Saturday! Yay!)

And here is an update about our soldier friend Hal Jr....

Our friend Hal has made it safely home to El Dorado Kansas. This was his dying be at home in the house he grew up in. Please read the article and view the video from Kake News.
News Story

This Baby Needs Prayer!

And also please pray for this little baby named Crew White. Here is a note about his condition.

Crew is fighting his little heart out against some swelling and other issues from a 12+ hour long operation yesterday to try to correct his condition called Bladder Exstrophy. Please pray for this sweet baby boy, for strength and healing, and for peace for his worried momma. (Marie)

Update From Marie:

Crew is still on the vent, his kidneys are damaged from everything that's going on and they are concerned that it is becoming permanent.
Also they are still trying to give him time to battle his own blood pressure in fear of making his kidneys more stressed by assisting with medicine, unless it turns dangerously high.

He is having a very rough time right now and is being very difficult to sedate and his blood pressure and heart rate were very concerning to them.
As we speak he is getting an arterial line because blood draws are no long working, he is clotting to bad. So he is knocked out and paralyzed. He can't catch a break.

Let's all pray that today will be the day for a breakthrough.

Thanks for your thoughts, emails and prayers.

*Note*...Marie just posted on Facebook (Sunday) that Crew is breathing on his own! Thanks for praying! God is answering!!!!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

THANKS FOR praying for Crew....I talked to Kelly today and she is in constant touch with Marie...She has really reached out to her...They liive 10 minutes apart....Going to read the other read right now

Janet Rose said...

Prayers are said for answering. Praise God!

Adeline said...

Oh Thank God for that!Hope things get better for both of them.

Kristin said...

I'm so glad about Kelly and that Hal made it home. I will pray for this sweet little baby too. Precious baby. Love you Momma!

Deanna said...

Hi Linda. Saying prayers for all.

The weather is gorgeous and getting some fresh air! So pretty out today. Sorry to see it go.

God bless you and may your migraine go away. They can be awful.


Becca said...

I could not believe how quickly things got bad for Kelly! I am so glad that she is back home now and that Hal is where he wants to be as well.

I will definitely keep little Crew in my prayers. That picture is just heartbreaking. :(

Kristens Creations said...

I have been praying for Kelly and Crew. I was shocked to see the pics of aweful. I've had to go to the hospital three times for face and eye swelling due to allergies, so I kind of know how it feels. Not fun.

I hope Crew comes through this...what a terrible thing.

Thank you for your nice compliments on my mantle!! Kristen

Kim said...

So wonderful to meet you Linda. I truly love what you are doing through your blog. I'm a happy new follower.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have lifted all these sweet souls up in prayer this morning.
May their lives and those that love them be blessed.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Glad everyone is doing better and the soldier made it to KC!