Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Have A New Great-Great Niece!

My Great Nephew and his wife had a baby daughter today!

Her name is Aubrey!

This news made me very happy!
God is in control, and He gives new life.

Yesterday I was sad because a special friend had to say good bye to her sweet 5 mo. old baby girl Keira. It is so very hard to understand why babies get sick and die. It hurts so very much. I don't think we will ever totally understand things like this...but I know the Lord is good...and He loves us. He allows things for His purposes and His ways are higher than our ways and His ways are past finding out...until we get to heaven. Maybe He will show us why when we get there.

Here is a picture of sweet Keira who went to be with Jesus yesterday.

So, in just a couple of days I have experienced a great sadness and a great happiness...both because of news about babies. Please rejoice with me over Aubrey's birth and please pray for Keira's parents, and her 4 yr. old brother Micah, as they face this great sorrow.

And always trust in the Lord, who made heaven and earth...and who is Lord over all.

Love, Linda


Mamaw Bee said...

Congratulations on the new baby and so sorrowful at the loss of the little one. Is this the one Lynette spoke of on her blog this week? I will continue praying for the family.

Lois Christensen said...

Such wonderful news and sad news at the same time! Congrats to your family on the precious little girl and I will remember the other family on their loss. Hope you had a nice birthday!

Janice's footsteps said...

special prayers sent over for you all rejoice in the joy and mourn where you need to mourn,
love & blessings <3

Veronica said...

Praying for Keira's family and also rejoicing in new life. It's sometimes hard to understand the why's of things in this life but just knowing that the Lord is there in the middle of it all is what keeps me grounded.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Birth and death so closely interwoven, and yes, all part of God's plan. If it were not for these deepest of sorrows, how would we measure the greatest of joys? Love and prayers go out to both families!

Mlissabeth said...

Linda, your posts are always so inspiring. Thank you!