Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yay!...Company Coming From Delaware Today

Yay!...Company Coming From Delaware Today!

These are my six words this Saturday!

These are some online friends who we are meeting for the first time. They have recently faced a deep time of sorrow, as their baby girl went to be with Jesus in late August. My daughter, Lynnette who has lost three children of her own, met Erika online a few years ago.  And they have kept up through the years. And I entered the picture along the way as my husband and I began praying for this family when we heard of the first baby they lost two years ago. And now we have also prayed for them during this second time of great sorrow.

The Bible says that we are to comfort others with the same comfort He has given us. And that is what we want to do for this sweet family. We remember the pain in our hearts when we lost three of our grandchildren...and so our hearts go out to them...but we also want to share the hope that the Lord has given us through the years. And to share the joy that He gave us as we healed from the hurt. The Lord has put them in our hearts...and through pictures, emails, and posts, we have come to know them and care deeply for them.

These people are believers...and so that makes us family in Christ. I feel like we do have a kinship with them already. They also have a darling 4 year old boy...and he brings them much joy. They are just needing a getaway and new surroundings, as they walk this hard road. Kansas is quite a ways from Delaware...and I hope they will see some beauty in our "Land of Ahhhs!"

Please pray for the Rodger's family...that God will heal their broken hearts, and refresh their spirits. Thank you!

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God Bless!

(Speaking of my daughter is her 44th Birthday! She is an amazing person, and we all love her so very much! She has suffered much sorrow in her life, with the loss of three children...but God has moved her to a place of joy...and she has shared her testimony in two books she has written. "In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me" And "He Heard Hannah" Lynnette Kraft! They are available on and Barnes and Nobel too...And if you read them, I know you will be blessed!)


His Doorkeeper said...

Linda, Don't you love how the love of the Lord leads us to love people who we have yet to meet but already love them in our hearts?

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends!

Tonya Jastad said...

Wishing you a wonderful visit!

Karin said...

Haven't visited in a long time - trying to get caught up reading all these beautiful posts! God bless as you visit and give encouragement and comfort to one another!

Loved that bouquet bicycle!!! So sweet!

Mlissabeth said...

Linda, bless you as you have blessed so many others! I am praying for your friends, too. I think I am blessed for "meeting" you!

Janet Rose said...

God is using your family to bless others...what a wonderful ministry of friendship you have! Blessings to you all throughout your visit!

McGuffy Ann said...

That looks like wonderful fun! Enjoy!

Walking on Sunshine said...

What a wonderful way to meet people and connect and share sad events. Glad they were all able to get together! And I hope you had a nice visit!

Becca said...

This is one thing that I just LOVE about the internet. I'm really not sure how people functioned properly before these days. There is just so many ways to connect to others that have been in similar struggles as you when others around you may not be able to relate! So glad that y'all have found each other. While my heart breaks for the loses your family has suffered, I'm so happy that you guys are helping others through the same!

Dawn said...

LOVE this! What a testimony of His love. Blessings!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The internet is useful and wonderful in many ways and this is an example.