Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yay!...It's Six Word Saturday Again!

Yay!...It's Six Word Saturday Again!!!!!!  
(These are my six words today!)

I like Saturdays..and I especially like Six Word Saturdays!  It is fun to check in with the regulars and see how their day is going.  I would like to thank our hostess, Cate who always links us together for this.  She is so faithful to never drop the ball.  Thanks Cate!!!  Click on the button above to add your six word post!

What will you be doing on this lovely fall Saturday?  I hope that whatever it is, that it will bring you joy!  And fun family times...or quality time with your spouse!

Maybe we should all get out and about today and enjoy it while the temps are still kinda warm.  I need to clean out my closet...but I think I will save that for a day when it is dreary and I need to stay inside!  (:>)

Maybe we should go for a drive in the country...or pick up a few pumpkins for our porch from a pumpkin patch?

Oh..I know, maybe we can enjoy a warm cup of Apple Cider!

Whatever you decide to do...May you be blessed!

 Happy Saturday!

Love, Linda


Josie Two Shoes said...

What a lovely autumn post, Linda! And I think it's so sweet that you used your six words to thank Cate for this prompt, I think we all really enjoy checking in with each other on Saturday's!

vivinfrance said...

Lovely pictures. What am I doing? I am putting finishing touches to another mammoth quilt, which may figure in next week's 6-word-Saturday.

Ron. said...

While the clouds remain only mostly scattered, I'm out on the deck, diggin the air and playing the Odell Borg flute. Maybe drivetime toward sunset, listening to Garrison keillor.

Maryellen said...

Beautiful photos!
Weather is sunny and warm, but NOT too hot (hah) here in NJ.

Enjoy your Fall day too !

Rebecca said...

Precious Pumpkin Days post, Linda! It's so gorgeous here...just love it. Miss K and I are off to explore Pumpkinville...looking forward to the fun!

Love, Rebecca

Anonymous said...

I love all the colours in the post, including the last one, but that first is just sumptuous!

Kathe W. said...

being outside and a glass of hot cider sounds much more fun than cleaning out a closet! Happy weekend!

maria said...

Ha! I like your 6 words for today! XD
Today my family and I went out and enjoyed the weather (It's so beautiful here! The leaves have all changed colors and they are just so pretty!) and took family photos.
We had a fun time being together. :)

Oooh, I love apple cider! So, SO yummy! :)
Happy Saturday!
Love, maria

restlessjo said...

Oh bless you, Linda- such a beautiful post. Those Autumn leaves are scrumptious!
Doing? My weekends are a bit drudgy sometimes. I do all kinds during the week and you have to catch up somewhere. The son arrives back from Uni with his washing, Dad comes for Sunday lunch... still, I'm blessed to have them, aren't I?

Fi @ Inspiration to Dream said...

Love the photos, Halloween is not big in Australia so looking for pumpkins is quite foreign to us

Janet Rose said...

Beautiful photos! Hot cider sounds so yummy...but it's still a little too warm around these parts to partake yet.

Alyson said...

great post! I too love 6WS - it's fun to see what everyone else is doing - and sometimes you can even get ideas of what to do! (I'm feeling smug as I've just done the wardrobe clearing job - lots down to the second hand clothes store!) - so I can carry on with painting now! :)
hope you have a great weekend - and if you go on that walk - kick up some leaves for me!

joanne said...

6WS is fun, isn't it! thanx for sharing your pix and thoughts.....

Jim said...

Nice fall pictures!!! I am seeing fall here in London, UK. It won't be in Coastal Texas until late November.
Nice too, I agree, this meme where we sort of get to be regulars.
BTW, our grandchildren range from three to 27. The girls three to 25..

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Beautiful photos!

Rockin My Journey said...

Thank you Linda for the lovely Saturday ideas and pictures!! New blog name same Janice blessings sent your way :))