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Six Words Saturday 2012 Christmas Card

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My six words are:  Merry Christmas Six Word Saturday Friends!

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This is our 2012 Christmas Card with our 11 Grandkids...ages 5-22

 Christmas Cards

When I was a little girl, my momma, Margie, and I would send out Christmas Cards to our friends and family.  Momma had only one arm, (after an auto accident before 3 of her four children were born), and so she often needed help from me or my siblings with certain tasks. 

With one hand she would type out a short Christmas letter on her old typewriter, and then she would sign the cards and I would fold the letters and insert them inside the cards, and stuff them in the envelopes and put the stamps on.  Momma had been right handed before she lost her right arm, so she had to learn to do everything with her left hand….including handwriting.   In my mind’s eye, I can see her back-slanted cursive writing and her signature, as I am remembering this special time together.  She wrote very clearly, but she enjoyed pecking away on that old typewriter, and I enjoyed the clicking of the keys and the bell that rang each time she would return the carriage and begin a new line of the letter.  I have an old typewriter like that in our guest room, just to bring me smiles!

When we were all done with the cards we would put them in stacks and put rubber bands around each stack to keep them together, and then we’d head off to the post office and wait in line to mail our bundles of cards.  I found the hustle and bustle of Christmas crowds quite exciting.  (Salvation Army bell ringers take me back to my childhood too.) 

Another benefit of sending cards, was receiving cards in return!  Each day we would get cards in the mail, and I couldn’t wait to open them.  Each one had a cheery picture on the front, and a special message inside.  I loved the ones that had the baby Jesus in the manager, with Mary and Joseph, and the Christmas star over-head.  But there was always such a huge variety of Christmas scenes, and yes, many included Santa Claus, Snowmen, or brightly colored gifts and trees.  I would string them up across the living room window, and around the doors of our living room, and they made it look so festive!

Happy memories of my momma always flood over me when I do my Christmas cards.  My momma has been in heaven now for well over 20 years…but I still feel her presence, in my heart and mind, each Christmas as I send and receive cards. 

I also have fond memories from Christmases as an adult, when we would go to John’s mom and dad’s house in Nebraska. Among English momma, Edith’s traditions… of English poppers/crackers with paper crowns and little toys inside, we would also have English trifle, mini-mince meat pies, and other delicious foods, and fun with the huge family. Momma Edith loved Christmas cards too.  She had a green ceramic holder shaped like a Christmas tree where she would place all of her cards, and then we could all browse through the cards and read the letters and see the pictures from friends and family who lived far away.  She especially loved hearing from those she loved in England.
I know that some people don’t send cards anymore, because of the time, and the expense…but to me it has always been a very special part of Christmas.  Another tradition I enjoy is the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service that we attend each year.  Christmas is all about the birth of our King...Jesus!  We need to take the time to honor Him!  I pray that God will bless each and every one of you this Christmas, and in the New Year!   

Love, Linda    

Sweet Momma-in-law Edith, on her 85th birthday, before she went to heaven.

My brother- in-law and sister-in-law in the silly paper crowns from the English cracker/poppers
that Edith always had for us at Christmas.

 Me at age 14, with two of my nieces, and my Momma Margie.

And my sweet Momma when she was older.  She has been in heaven now for over 20 years!
Fond memories are with me this Christmas time of my two sweet Momma's.
Margie, and Edith!  I loved them so very much!

Our Christmas Tree

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melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

What beautiful memories~I loved reading them. Writing Christmas letters seems to be a lost art~the only handwritten letter I still get is from my Grandma...

Richella Parham said...

Oh, Linda, this post touched my heart so. What an amazing witness your mother was to you! Reading about her made me realize that I often complain about things that I need to do with two hands, rather than realizing what privileges they are.

Thank you for sharing your sweet memories of Christmas past as well as sharing your customs of Christmas present with us. Your presence in the world will make the difference in many Christmases yet to come!

Kerry M. said...

Linda, thank you so much for stopping by Plenty Place! It has been a delight to check out your blog and see the joy of the Lord throughout your writing and decor. Also, I ended up linking to Imparting Grace's party thanks to you. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Jeanie said...

Your memories are wonderful as are the new ones you are making with you family now. I remember my parents sending about 200 Christmas cards.....I only send about 30 these days.

Janet Rose said...

What a lovely, honoring post of Christmas memories with those whom you love and miss dearly! Sweet words of our Savior and King, too!

Maryellen said...

What a lovely idea for your Christmas card. I love seeing all those grandchildren.

Your tree is just beautful and I'd want to jump in the photo of the cozy living room ; )

I have fond memories of Christmas cards with my granny. She was a character. She would say, Did you spell that right? Will the mailman be able to read it? Oh Lord, she was something else. hah

Dana said...

Wonderful post! Merry Christmas to you as well!

Brenda Youngerman said...

What great pictures.... love the one with you and all the grandkids.

Have a Merry Christmas Linda!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post; a joy to read.

I was surprised at your mention of 'English' crackers. Are they not an American tradition?

restlessjo said...

Lovely post, Linda. I send lots of Christmas cards, and in cosequence my Delft rack and hearth are full of them. Beautiful!
I love your Wise Men candles. Merry Christmas, hon. Have a lovely time with your family.

Mlissabeth said...

What a beautiful tree!

Shannon W. said...

Such beautiful memories in this lovely post!

Merry Christmas!

Tonya Jastad said...

Lovely post Linda. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Ruth Cox said...

Thank you for sharing Christmas past and present, Linda. Merry Christmas!

Josie Two Shoes said...

How your wonderful memories of Christmas cards brought back those of my own childhood! My mother would always do picture cards of my sisters and me, then hand wite a letter on the back of each card. She did many of them and I can remember how long it took! I always thought her handwriting was so beautiful. We only send and receive a handful now, and I too miss the fun of receiving all those pretty cards from friends and family. Blessed Christmas to you and yours, Linda!

Dawn said...

Merry Christmas! Beautiful grandkids!

His Doorkeeper said...

Linda, I know you must be having a great day with all your family! Love the family picture! Have a blessed New Year!

Chan Ka Lai said...

its touching!!

Deanna said...

Dear Linda,
Lovely Christmas letter. Enjoyed this post so much.

I've sent Christmas cards since I was a young homemaker. I save them! I just took them down off the window shutter today and wrote the year on them to bundle with a ribbon. Prayed for everyone who mailed me one.

My mom's name is Edith!!!
God bless you and may this new year be lively!
d on the prairie