Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday's Walk...Happy Birthday Lynnette

Lynnette is always on top of things!

Lynnette can get people to jump for joy!

Lynnette has a natural beauty and likes to commune with nature!

Lynnette was Miss Derby Days once upon a time!

Lynnette always gives hugs to her kiddos!

And she and Abigail are always clowning around!

She also likes to spend time with her sisters!

Lynnette loves her oldest son Jared and here they are at the zoo!

She always thinks of fun things to do with her having hot cider on the porch by candlelight!

She loves her handsome husband Kyle

She enjoys time with friends...and likes the yellow purse (that Abigail is holding)that I bought her at the Miche Bag Party at Jami's house

She always has great ideas for fun this one she took of all of us at the zoo

She also knows how to make homeschool fun by occassionally letting them do their work outside!

And on top of all of this, she gives haircuts to everyone in her house...
Doesn't Silas' hair look nice?

Lynnette Suzanne you are an amazing woman!
I hope your 42nd birthday is very special...just like you!

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Kristin said...

Lynnette is a very special lady! I loved this post about her. Her friendship has meant so much to me and has really helped me grow in my faith. Her book was instrumental in showing me that I could get my joy back again. I hope she has a wonderful birthday!!

BARBIE said...

What a fun post about Lynnette! I love her and her blog! I will pop over and wish her Happy Birthday!

reanaclaire said...

From your post, she indeed sounds special.. yes, she looks special too! A happy family ...


Ashley DeLen said...

what a lovely birthday post for your daughter!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Ahhhh. You loooooove me. What a sweet post Momma. Made me feel special right off the bat!
I love you sooooo much.

Verna said...

Of Course Lynnette is SPECIAL!!!!
Look who her MAMMA IS!

Two very special people in my blogging world and We Love You BOTH!!!!!

Fantastic post. Now I must also go to Facebook and wish Her Happy Birthday there!

Deanna said...

You have such a sweet family!
May Lynnette have a super day to celebrate her special day.

I'll pop in over there and wish her a happy one!

God bless you and may you have a great day remembering your daughter that you gave birth to.

She holds a tender place in your heart.
d from homehaven

Becca said...

Such a sweet post! Sounds like you raised one special woman! Happy Birthday Lynette!

Grace Wheeler said...

She is just as beautiful as her momma! You are so blessed to call her your daughter!

(visting from Wed's Walk!, but I follow you too!!)

jamers said...

Awww...what a sweet momma you are! :) Thanks for sharing all the fun things about your precious daughter!

Penelope said...

What a great gift for Lynette! Happy birthday!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Lynnette!

Jenilee said...

she is a very special lady! I am so thankful for blogging and the opportunity to "meet" your family!!! LOVE YOU ALL! :)

Diana said...

Yep, you've pretty much coverred all the special-ness of Lynnette and how much she is loved by everyone... even those of us who haven't even met her in *real* life yet. (I WILL remedy that sometime in the future, for sure!) She is such a beautiful person, her words through her blog are a testament to her faith in the Lord and the love she has for all of you in her family.

Obviously... she gets a LOT of those wonderful characteristics from you, Linda. :)

Aspiemom said...

And on top of everything else, she has a mother who loves her very much!

I wished her Happy Birthday on her blog and I'll wish it here, too.

I love that cake at the top, BTW. Great design!

Heather said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to Lynnette! She is special- I've been following her for almost a year. :)

shopannies said...

what a wonderful tribute to her for her birthday she sounds like a wonderful person

Veronica said...

Awesome post! You must be so proud of your girl. She is an amazing woman!

Lynnette Kraft said...

What nice comments. I feel very special and loved. Thank you again. :)