Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do You Get Bored with Blogging?

Do you ever get bored with blogging?  I sometimes wonder if I should continue my blog, since I find myself  going a week or more sometimes without posting.  I don't live a terribly exciting life...I don't have a house full of children to inspire my posts...and I am not a great photographer, so I don't have a ton of amazing pictures to add to my posts either.  We haven't traveled much lately, so there is nothing interesting to report there.  I haven't recently read many inspiring books, and I haven't even been writing my story poems that I usually enjoy sharing...So I guess I am feeling like "I" am kind of "boring" at present!

I feel like I need to get away and experience the beauty of God's amazing creation!  Isn't this a peaceful picture?  I wish I knew where it was!  (:>)  Just looking at the picture, I feel God's presence!!!

I really love reading other people's blogs, and I love commenting, and I try to give encouragement when, and where I can.  I LOVE to pray for other people's needs.  Everyday my husband John and I do a devotion time together where we read the Bible, study it, and discuss what we have read...and then we pray for our needs...the needs of our adult kids, and our 11 grandkids,...and lastly, we pray for the needs of our friends, (blog friends too), extended family members, pastors, church body, and missionaries.  We feel like it is the least we can do, and we consider it a ministry of prayer.  We feel blessed to be able to enter the throne room and lay petitions at His we praise and worship our magnificent Lord and Savior.

He restores my soul!  Doesn't this look like a place where you could be rejuvenated?  I would love to be in this spot praying my heart out to the Lord!  (:>)

Over the years I have met so many wonderful people in the blog world!  I never dreamed I would care about so many of you so deeply.  I feel so close to so many of you...and I love your children too.  Having gone through the death of three of our grandchildren, we have a tender heart towards those of you who have experienced great loss.  We also pray for those of you with complications in your pregnancies...and those who have babies born with issues....also many of you who deal with health issues yourselves.  Since we are retired, we know what it is like to slow down, to not feel good a lot of the time,... and to not be able to "keep up" with the business of life sometimes.  I think that just happens as people age.  Not that we are ancient...but we are noticing that we are aging these days, and don't have the energy we used to have.

Don't get me wrong...I love growing older with this man of mine!  He is such a gift to my life!  If I am feeling low, he cheers me up...and I do the same for him.  And our devotion times together are our favorite times together.

And what I like about blogging is that when someone is feeling down...there are so many of us to help each other up out of the pits we fall into sometimes!   We KNOW that things are not hopeless, because we have seen others conquer so much by God's grace,...and then return to vibrancy and joy-filled living.  I try to let my little light shine when I can...and so many of you have shared the light of Jesus with me over the years too.  Thank you for always sharing God's word with me.

God's word is so alive...and so healing.  It is medicine to the a high potency vitamin to enrich our lives... and to give us renewed strength.

I guess I am feeling a little "off" these days, and I could really use some rejuvenation!  (:>)  My husband is planning a little get away soon, so that we can just relax, have fun together, and a little change of scenery.  I am looking forward to it.  So, I hope it will happen soon before the weather turns too cold.

This beautiful picture that our daughter Lynnette took from her yard out in the country, just shows that God's beauty is everywhere...even here in Kansas!  (:>)  The flat lands do have beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

As Thanksgiving time approaches we all need to be considering all of our blessings...and telling the Lord thank you, for all that He has given us!  I plan to be doing just that.  I know that when we spend time praising Him, we don't worry so much, and we don't complain so much.  So, it is a win, win situation.  (:>)

Maybe my next post will have some bountiful blessings to share with all of you.  Until then, I pray that each of you will feel His presence, and experience His power at work in your lives.

Love, Linda

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My 6 words: Do you get bored with blogging?


Kristin said...

You are one of the sweetest blessings to come out of blogging for me!! I don't have a chance to blog and I miss it and keeping my journal on there, but I know I'll get back to it one day. Love you Momma!!

Verna said...

I know we don't always have much to tell as we get older, but Linda dear. Don't you dare quit posting off and on. You are always such a blessing to me, here on your blog and on Facebook!

I sometimes feel the same way, like we are in a rut and nothing new happens around here. Yet I enjoy blogging some of my joys and sorrows on my log so that I can remember what God has given me and what I should be grateful for.

I love the photos, yes, it would be a wonderful place to sit and concentrate on our wonderful God!

Then there are days we simply must take time for ourselves and not share with others. We all need to rejuvenate at times. Hope he takes you somewhere wonderful and you can enjoy each others company along with Gods love!

It's people like prayer warriors that keep some of us others afloat in our bad days! Trust me I know, this past year has been quite q year in our household!
So keep praying sister!
We love you!

Maryellen said...

Your posts are always inspiring and encouraging. Please don't stop. It is not the quantity of posts but the quality.

We all go through dry seasons.
You'll come out even better.

I so loved the sunset in Kansas spectacular !

Blessings from New Jersey
(What is left of us after Sandy)

Deanna said...

Dear Linda, I love you!
I am one of the blessed ones that has gotten to know you better because of blogging.

One of the things I love is hearing human interest stories. Reading about what people have experienced and been through.

May you and your sweetie have a great get away! Be refreshed and uplifted.

Praying for you,

Janet Rose said...

I am being intentionally thankful this month because I, too, feel a bit boring right now. However, with your words, it seems you have an exciting life! How could it not be when you have time to enjoy your mornings with your husband, in the Word, and in prayer for your family and friends! You and your blog are a blessing!

Diana said...

Oh, Linda, you have no idea how inspiring your blogging is, even if you have no pictures, or don't say much. It's like talking to a friend. You don't HAVE to have a mouthful of words, you can just be together... just a sentence here and there if that's all you have at the moment. You know? We love you for who you are. A blessing to us all. xoxo

Ron. said...

If I got bored of blogging, I'd stop. My bigger worry is boring others. If it appeared that others were bored by my work, I'd stop.

There's so much more to life than blathering away at the keyboard, eh?

Brenda Youngerman said...

Oh Linda.... I know the feeling that your blog is boring...but I think what you don't realize is all the people that you touch...with your posts, your comments and just knowing that you are there.
As life continues to unfold (not so prettily as we age) I think it is important to do the things we enjoy. If you only want to post once a week...then do that... if you just want to hop around and leave comments, do that....most important do what makes you happy...
I am very glad our paths have crossed along this highway!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I think we all go thru phases where we feel just a bit off kilter about life and about blogging Linda. I have found if I take a break from it, I miss it though, I miss the writing and sharing and even more I miss the caring and encouragement we find here. I have received so many uplifting comments from you over time and so often find reason to smile at your 6W6 posts. While our lives may seem routine, boring and uneventful to us, that also means we are at a place of peace and relative contentment that many long for. Yes, I too feel the slowing down of getting older, doing less, sitting more, and maybe understanding more in perspective. I think we always have something of value to say and share. To me, the way you witness your faith in your life, not just in your words, is a powerful testimony to those who stop here. God has given you a beautiful heart and it is a blessing to us all! To get out from under the blogging doldrums, try some new things... join me for Two Shoes Tuesday (this week the prompt is "choose"), try writing a five sentence fiction story for FSF (link on my sidebar), or tell us some stories from your childhood or of your kids growing up. Shared memories are always fun! Take care and know that your presence here is appreciated. Take a break if you need one, but don't stay away too long! Enjoy your getaway, they work wonders... oh, and check out Carrie's weeklong giveaway contest... you can find her in the Favorite Places tab on my blog! HUGS!

Jim said...

These were bountiful blessings for me, Linda. Mrs. Jim and I are also retired and by looking I would say about eight years older than you two, each (Mrs. Jim is a bit younger than I am).

I hope you can enjoy a nice weekend getting 'freshened up' as it really is nice to get away. There are a few things I wonder if I did before we left. Not many are critical.

Also congrats on your devotion and prayer time each day. Mrs. Jim and I are pretty much separate on that except our lunch time blessing prayer is more than just that.

You might pray for us tomorrow. Our family here doesn't attend church except when we come. A lot because there aren't many with a lot of youth like BP had back home. We will attend tomorrow but Billy had a golfing date with an out-of-town visiting friend.

restlessjo said...

What a very lovely person you are, Linda. Hope you and that nice husband of yours get your little rejuvenating break soon.

Karen S. said...

NO! But sometimes it feels like you just can't get caught up, with reading everyone's wonderful stuff!

Becca said...

I feel the same way about my blog sometimes. But if my blog even touches one person it is totally worth it!

Alyson said...

love this post! and love the first photo so much - surely we should blog when we feel drawn to it - when we have something to say - and not worry about how many posts - or how often? sometimes I can miss a week or more - and then I post twice the next week because I have something to say! surely that's what it should be like?!

retired not tired said...

We are retired as well and we enjoy blogging for the thoughts we see and hear from others. We actually consider it part of our daily routine to write. I get inspired by others and hope you will keep blogging.

LC said...

Your post made me feel not so frustrated at my failure to post regularly. I have much to write about, but I go through spells when I cannot seem to force myself to open my laptop, let alone create a post. I wonder if it is an energy think after traveling a bit.

I love visiting the blogs of fellow bloggers and pray for blogging friends. But after a down spell, I have a struggle getting back to the computer.

So your lament has actually helped me. And I would say your trip into the throne room and your journey with your guy is pretty amazing examples of travel!

God bless!

Rockin My Journey said...

I do not get bored reading my fellow bloggers posts but my posting I do feel is lacking lots at times so thank goodness for these hops they help keep the friendships and joy going thru blogging :)

Karin said...

Have felt exactly like you describe! That's six words - isn't it?? Love your posts, but don't always get to read as I used to. Even if you don't write often, I do love visiting on occasion. You are a blessing! Hubby and I do our devotions together too, but with his Parkinson's his conversation skills are decreasing - and he was not a conversationalist to begin with! It's quiet around here and there are days 'I miss him terribly!' I think that's called 'grieving' the losses that come with each change in his health.

Thanks for your prayers! Have a meaningful month!

Grandma Becky said...

I know how you feel about blogging and I considered not doing it as well. But people keep reading and I keep sharing. I am behind in my photography sharing cuz I'm just too busy. So if I can get a post out once a week I'm doing good. No more road trips for awhile so I am going to get things done at home and blog when I feel like it! I enjoy your posts and just do what you feel is best! Hugs and have a blessed week, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I don't get bored blogging but I do feel the need to take a break sometimes, otherwise it begins to feel like work.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Everyone needs to take a break now and then. I've had many of them - some lasting months. I don't so much get bored with's more that life gets interesting and there's only so much time in the day. But really, blog when you have something to say or when you feel like it - otherwise it becomes another obligation.

Jenilee said...

Linda, enjoy your blog break... sometimes we all just need to step away and let it go for a bit! I know I can speak for all of us readers, that we love every post. It doesn't matter how far apart the posts are or what they are about. I know when I come to your blog I will find something encouraging and inspiring. Just because you are writing about being YOU! Thanks for blogging. and for commenting. Your comments always, always make me smile. Thank you!!

123 said...
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Rebecca said...

I love your blog...when you post a lot or a little. And I love your comments. Sometimes they keep me going.

I also LOVE IT that you pray for us.

Love, Rebecca

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Momma!
I just subscribed to your blog through email! ha! You didn't use to have subscribe options - Abigail informed me (when I was complaining that I never know when you blog since you don't have subscribe by email), that she put that on your blog quite some time ago. Oh brother. Anyway... NOW I will get your posts by email. YAY!!!

Anyway... A few things come to mind after reading this post. First, you are such a wonderful encourager and people depend on you out in the blog world. Don't quit blogging, just work at a pace that works for you. Everybody will still be here. :)

Also, your prayer ministry is such a wonderful gift to so many people. You say you don't have a very exciting life, but I think that is one of the reasons you are such wonderful prayer warriors! You are a blessing and a gift.

Well, I'm going to Skype with September, so I'll quit for now, but just know that I love you Momma!