Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Sweet Miss Bailey Turns Twenty!

Our oldest Granddaughter, Bailey, turns Twenty!!!!!

She was an "itty bitty" baby and only weighed 4 lb. 9 oz.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Bailey Elisabeth when she was a child!

Bailey was a little ball of fire when she was little.  She was everywhere in a minute!  She had the most adorable little mischievous laugh as she ran around so energetically!  She's still mischievous...yup, but now she is a 5ft 2in ...eyes of blue...ball of fire! 

Here's a picture of Grandma's girl from a few years back.

This is one of her senior pictures.  I love this barefoot picture.  She is a fun loving, casual kind of girl...and she lives in jeans, and comfy clothes...except when she dresses in her work attire for Kohl's.

This is Bailey with her beautiful Momma...Lisa!

And here is one which includes her Dad, Brad....he is a Pastor.

And we can't forget Grandpa!  Bailey and Grandpa are great friends.  She helps him with yard work...she mows and he weed whacks!  Then they go out and eat lunch together.  Yup...they are fast food buddies!
This is Bailey's car...and our house in the background.

And here she is with one of her doggies...Duncan!  She loves dogs, and has two of them...both Corgi's.  Her other one, Riley, is tan.  Bailey knows everything about clouds, storms, and tornadoes, and she is a wanna be storm chaser!  She and her friends have been known to do some of that...but of course it makes her grandma nervous.  Tornadoes here in Kansas are nothing to mess with!

This is Bailey's good friend Jennifer.  Grandpa and I took them to dinner for Bailey's birthday last year.  Jennifer is a twin, and she and her sister go to Bailey's church.

I like this picture of Bailey with her Aunt Lynnette.  Then one with her cousin Abigail, who is about 6 months younger than her. And then the ones with two of her boy cousins, Jared, and William.

And here is one with Bailey and all of her cousins!  She loves them all so much.

This one is of Bailey and her mom.  Bailey's silly smile kind of shows the joy that bubbles over, and spills out of Miss Bailey!  We call her Bailey Girl...and Bailey Bug...and we love her sooo much!  She is a blessing to our lives...and we thank the Lord for giving her to us 20 years ago!

Happy 20th Birthday Bailey!

Love, Grandma

Our Sweet Miss Bailey Turns Twenty!

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LC said...

Happy Birthday to Bailey. I enjoyed the photos giving a glimpse of your beloved ball of fire's spirit and interests. I especially liked the happiness captured in those face closeups of Bailey with you and her mom. She sounds like a generous.loving young adult who brings her grandmother lots of joy!

BARBIE said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Becca said...

I hope she had a wonderful birthday. She sounds like a great little lady! And her blue eyes are very beautiful!

Inger-M said...

Wonderful six words! Grandkids are life's dessert; I have a 20 month old grandson, and I love him so much :-)

Glenda Mills said...

Aren't grandchildren special!! I am blessed with two granddaughters...four grandsons...they were all here for Thanksgiving. Now the house is empty...but our hearts are still full!

Dana said...

Happy birthday to Bailey!

Ruth Cox said...

Happy Birthday Miss Bailey! Linda, what a treasure watching Bailey grow up in the photos you've shared.

Austine Etcheverry said...

I love all the photos. What a great tribute to someone so special in your life. It is awesome that you have created this photo journey for her to take.

HeY J said...

I remember now when I 1st started following you under my other blog YOU & your family know how to celebrate a birthday what a lucky blessed young lady she is :)) Happy saturday Linda ......Janice~

Karen S. said...

She is so adorable as a little girl grown up into a pretty young woman with a sparkling smile- it looks like the birthday celebrations and family get togethers were a success! Happy birthday!

Angie Church said...

happy birthday what a fine age and looks like many great memories were made past, present and I pray future as well