Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip To Branson Missouri

***First of all I want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HARRISON! This little guy is Two Years Old Today!!!! We thank God for our sweet little Grandson***

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Last week we headed to Springfield Missouri where we stayed in a Value Place for a week while we made trips back and forth to Branson which was about 35 or 40 minutes away. We were thinking of purchasing a condo in Branson as a vacation home for ourselves and our daughters and their families to use at separate times when each of us could get away. We couldn't afford a place that was big enough to sleep all of us at one time,...but we thought it would be a fun place to get away,...since we do go there from time to time.

Value Place

Here is the outside of a 3 bedroom condo that we liked.

This is a picture of the livingroom and diningroom.

This is a view of the kitchen and looking towards the laundry room that had a window to the front and a door to close it off..

Here is a look at the little dining room space and the front door.

Here is a shot of the back of the condo. We were looking at the ground floor.

This was the view from the back yard area off of the patio.

These are two fawns that we saw when we were looking at some other condos further up in the hills. We saw them two different days and their mother wasn't with them either time so we think she may have been killed on the highway or something.

One day we went to Silver Dollar City.

There is always a lot of traffic because it is a popular place. But last week there was a Kids' Fest going on so it was pretty crowded.

Our Grandkids love this place. Next month we are going back with our middle daughter Lynnette and her husband Kyle and their family.

I snapped a picture of John when we first got inside the park. The flowers are always so pretty there. And they had colorful pinwheels and banners for the Kids' Fest.

Then John snapped a picture of me.

These were some Champion Cloggers that we saw. They held the title 8 times in a row.

John ate a wonderful meatloaf meal with mashed potatoes and green beans and rolls. I have food allergies so I took my food and we ate our picnic by the trees in the shade next to The Lost River Ride.

These guys were called The Sons of The Silver Dollar, and they were really good.

These ladies were called Pure Love, and they were good too. Two of them were sisters. The one with the dark hair won a yodeling contest and she was great.

This is a picture I took as we were leaving.
Being from Kansas we are used to the flatlands. So it is nice to see hills.

John likes the rocks from where they cut through to make the roads.

I like the rolling hills.

When we got home John bought me these pretty roses for our anniversary.

I love roses.

The vase of roses looks pretty on my buffet.

It was a fun trip. We didn't end up buying the condo, but it was fun looking at them. There are so many fees and expenses that even if we paid cash for the condo there are still 400.00 or 500.00 a month fees and utilities that we would be paying whether we are staying there or not, even if the building was paid for. So we are re-thinking the whole thing. I am not sure what we will do.

While we were in Branson we saw Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers, and Paul Revere and The Raiders together and that was fun. John knew all of the songs and enjoyed remembering his youth. They perform at the Andy Williams Theater and we have been there before to see Andy's Christmas show and it is really nice.

Branson is so pretty at Christmas time with all of the lights. One time when we were there at Christmas we saw Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, along with the Lennon Sisters, and they all did a wonderful Christmas Show. Another of our favorites is John Tweed. He has a five octive range and can sing anything and everything!

While we were in Springfield we did some antiquing and went to a movie and also watched some movies in our room. We could cook in our room and that was convienient because of all of my food allergies. And the Value Place is really inexpensive. There is nothing fancy about it, but it was clean and close to shopping.

Just across the street and down a couple of blocks there was the Ridgecrest Baptist Church and we attended Sunday Morning Service there. It was excellent and we felt refreshed and challenged from the Word, the teaching, and the music. John played golf with two men from that church on Monday at the Springfield Golf and Country Club. God was so good to us all along the way, and then He brought us safely home again.

So, all in all it was a very nice 33rd Anniversary. I thank God for our marriage, and for all of the blessings He has blessed us with over the years.


Kristin said...

Hi, Mom! I've missed you! :)

I am so thrilled that you had a wonderful Anniversary trip! 33 years is really something to be proud of! It sounds like you had such a great time and that is so wonderful that you found a nice church to go to also and John got to go golfing. That's so neat!

I remember my MeMe and Pop went there for a trip one year and they had the best time too.

That would've been neat to have a condo there, but that is alot to pay monthly for not even staying there. :(

The scenery looks beautiful in the pictures and I loved the pictures of the two of you also.

Hope you have a great week!

Lisa said...

Beautiful photos!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Okay, I officially have SILVER DOLLAR CITY VACATION FEVER!!! I can't wait to go! I'm so glad you're going to be with us. We all love having Grandma and Grandpa along. :)

I love to see Dad eating that Silver Dollar City food - not because it's healthy (it's far from that! ha!), but because I know how much joy he gets out of eating yummy food! hee hee (Kyle's the same way - I think it's a guy thing.)

I loved seeing the pictures! Oh and what pretty roses you got for your anniversary.

In case you didn't see it, I gave you an anniversary greeting on my blog on that day with Anna's birthday post. It's very easy to remember - I'm so glad that Anna shares that celebration day with you both. God planned that - of course!


Deanna said...

This is awesome.
God bless you both real good.
Linda, thx for sharing this time with pics. It sounds like you had a fun time.
Christmas at I will have to keep this in mind. I've never been.
Enjoy your blog.

Holly said...

Looks like it was a great trip! I've never been there but it sure looks fun! And hilly!

Abigail Kraft said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! That's me getting REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYexcited about vacation!!!! XD lol. Yeah, I am definitely excited. I'm so glad you and Grandpa had a fun anniversary trip! Branson is always a ton of fun, and I love that you guys get to go and see all of those concerts and stuff that you love so much. :)

I miss you! Being able to spend a whole week with you is going to be great! :)

Love you bunches!

Aspiemom said...

Happy Anniversry to you! Your flowers are beautiful.

I've never been to Branson, but it looks like a really nice place. Too bad it turned out so expensive for a family condo.

Have a great vacation with Lynnette and her family.

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Anniversary. Great pictures and beautiful flowers. So glad your trip was nice. That condo was gorgeous. Tough decisions huh?

Paula said...

Hello and Happy Anniversary!

A new friend, I've so enjoyed reading your blog this evening.


Anonymous said...

Oh...You are to kind to me! Thank You for loving that picture! I just felt the same way! I think that God is so giving to us for giving us such beauty, and simply for us to savior!

Laura Hoekstra-Bettig said...

Hi Linda!

Wonderful to hear all about Branson and see your "travel-blog!" Thank you, also, for your encouragement and comments on my blog today! I'm glad to be back in the neighborhood for Wednesday's Walk!

Blessings to you and yours!

Jennifer said...

Oh..looks like such a lovely trip. Branson has been on my wish list for a couple years now...and all your great pictures have just sealed the deal for me! I just have to go....all the music sounds like such fun!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Happy birthday to your grandson!

It looks like that was such a nice trip! :)

croleyc69 said...

Hi & Happy Anniversary, thanx for stopping by my blog & all the nice comments. Great pics & I would like to go there someday. I have friends who have been there.

Samantha said...

Happy Anniversary !
What a wonderful trip, lots of fun
and special memories made.
Thanks for sharing, great pictures
and post, love the roses !!
~ Blessings to you dear one.

Veronica said...

Hey Mama,

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments lately. You always know how to put a smile on my face! :)

First of all, Happy Belated Anniversay! I was just thinking to myself that I don't personally know anyone who's made it that long. That's pretty sad. That is just wondeful that the two of you have been able to enjoy 33 years together. May the Lord bless you two with many more years!

I loved seeing all of your pictures, especially the ones of the roses. Since you've already been to my blog today, you already know how much I LOVE roses.

Well, I hope that you have a great weekend and I just want you to know how much you bless me!

Love from your girl in CA,

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Looks like a great anniversary trip...beautiful flowers too.

Blessings to you!