Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Visit With Our Nephews

A couple of weeks ago we made a trip to Lawton Oklahoma to see a couple of our nephews and their families. We took my brother and his lady friend with us and had a nice little road trip. I thought I would post a few pictures here on the blog. Most of my pictures didn't come out very good, but I wanted to at least post some so we can remember our time together.

My nephew Donovan and his wife Linda have two little boys and a sweet little girl. They were getting ready to move to Va. and we wanted to see them before they moved so far away.

Donovan is my brother Dan's son. They had fun together while Dan played the guitar they sang and goofed around. We all got a kick out of seeing them be silly together.

Our great nephew Briston and his wife Krystal are stationed there at Fort Sill too. Krystal is pregnant and they are excited to be expecting their first child. It is a girl and they are going to name her Aubrey. We live a few hours away from Lawton, but I hope to see them again while they are there.

Here are the pictures...I wish they had turned out better. The ones with the little boys didn't turn out, because they wouldn't stay still! Ha! Boys will be boys!


Jeanie said...

It looks life you had a fun family visit. It is so nice when several generations are able to get together and get to know each other.

Kathryn said...

What a lovely time you had together! :)

Maryellen said...

Looks like a terrific time.
I loved the George Jones T-Shirt.
I'm a country music fan. My Uncle played it in his truck when I was a child and I have been a fan since then.

Karin said...

Family events are always a lots of fun and you've captured some memorable photos!

Janice's footsteps said...

very nice family photos what a blessing to be together.

Jenilee said...

looks like you had such a wonderful visit!