Monday, July 30, 2012

My Baby Girl Turns 40 Today!

Yes, 40 years ago today I was having a baby girl....and I named her Lonna LaVon. Words cannot convey what she means to me. I just love her so very much!!!!

She has given us four grandkids...and each in their own way they remind me of their Mom. They are all so full of life...and love. Lonna is a good mom and she works hard and loves them with all her heart! This picture of these four was taken many years ago. But I love those 4 monkey's in the tree!

She recently remarried and this picture is from that special day.

Lonna has such long pretty hair with natural wave and curl.

Here's a picture of her when her kiddos were little. She is such a loving mom.

This picture of her two girls when they were younger reminds me so much of Lonna when she was little.

Lonna and her sisters always have fun together. They call her Lonna Bonana!

Here she is with her cousin Sandy who was just here for a visit.

Lonna...You are loved!
Happy 40th Baby Girl!

Life is fun with Lonna! She's a stinker! (:>)


Jeanie said...

Isn't it great when our kids turn out to be people we like.
Happy birthday to Lonna.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Happy Birthday to your girl! Such great pictures!

Jim said...

Happy Birthday to Lonna. I am glad you have a girl to be proud of. I like her family too, the grandkids are precious.

Maryellen said...

Your girls are all so beautiful.
You don't look like Mom but one of the sisters in the last photo.

What a wonderful family.

Jenilee said...

I love all the pictures of your family!! :)

I Am Not Superwoman said...

Beautiful pics of all the girls. You dont look old enough to have a 40 year old. Happy Belated Birthday!

Becca said...

Awe! I love seeing pictures of you with your three ladies!! :) I know you guys have a lot of fun when you all get together. I hope she had a wonderful 40th birthday!