Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm A Daughter Of A King

He guards me,
I am not afraid
I'm feasting at His table

In His presence there are pleasures forevermore!

He has prepared mansions for me

I can come into His courts with praise

He gives me times of refreshment, and beauty

He gives me a wall of protection from my enemies,
And I can walk by still waters!

This is a repost from last October. The pictures are from our trip to England five years ago. I have added them because I was thinking about the similarities of being a daughter of an earthly king and being the spiritual daughter of the King of the Universe! I am so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who loves me and loads me with blessings every single day!
When I became a Christian I went from being a nobody,... to being a child of a King! And not just any king,..but, The King of the Universe! As His child He never leaves me alone to fend for myself. I am always in His presence and He always has His eye on me. He guides me, and not only does He tell me where to go, and what path to take, but He takes my hand and walks beside me. Sometimes I am a stubborn child and I shake lose from Him and stray from the path,...but He always knows where I am and I feel His loving hand on my shoulder guiding me back to where I should be.

As a loving Father He gives me good and perfect gifts. I don't always put them to good use. Sometimes I stash them away and put them in the closets of my life,...but when I do utilize what He has given me it seems that things go much better, and I can accomplish more of my tasks. His gifts are tools that make my work easier and more efficient. And one of the things He gives me is joy,...and it is something that feels so good that I want to share it with others. It seems to bubble up and overflow so I know there is plenty, and my Father, The King, likes me to share it.

I enjoy our times together and I especially like the ones where He leads me to the pasture and we sit down beside the still water. I take my rest there as I feel safe in His presence. There is this feeling of perfect peace. When I awake I feel hungry and He feeds me with milk and some honey. It is so satisfying. It gives me energy and I twirl around with my hands up to heaven and dance before my Father, The King. The love in His eyes makes my heart happy.

These days I feel as though I am growing up, and yet I know that I will always be His child. Instead of milk I am craving meat and He provides it for me. And as I chew on it and really think on what it cost my Father I am so thankful for His provisions. And I know that it makes me to grow strong.

Adult children are still loved by their parents, and the relationship really just keeps on getting closer and there are new things to share with each other. New things to ponder, and new places to go together. It is like we are companions and friends as well as Father and daughter. I am so blessed and I want everyone to meet my Father and learn to love Him as I do.

I am adopted and I like it when He adopts other children into our family. He is so wonderful and so strong He makes us all feel loved and cared for. All of our needs are met. And we don't just get what we need, but also what we desire,....when we desire things that our Father, The King approves of.

As His daughter I want to please Him and serve Him with a happy heart, and I do find that I'm the happiest when I am working for Him. Sometimes I serve self and it is much less satisfying, and it makes me carry guilt. But when I lay my burdens and my guilt down at my Father's feet, He forgives me and everything feels right again. Is your father that forgiving?

I love being the daughter of a King.
Linda~ (Re-post from Oct. 2008) ~ May 2009


Kristin said...

Wow! This is my favorite one yet! I LOVE it!! You know that excited feeling that you got as a young girl with your first crush/love? It was that excited, tingly feeling that you just couldn't help but smile about and you wanted to tell everyone.....that's how I've been feeling since rededicating my life to the Lord and I want everyone to know that kind of love!!

I hope you're feeling better. Thanks so much for your sweet compliments on my shirts! I hope you have a great holiday weekend! Morgan and I have been having lots of good talks about being saved lately and I know that one day he will make that decision. Thank you so much for your prayers!!

Love you!

Jennifer said...

Such beautiful promises...and precious reminders - not to mention your photos are terrific! I love how they go with God's word!

We are, indeed, blessed to be daughters of our Heavenly Father!

A Joyful Chaos said...

A very lovely post! There is nothing better than being a daughter of the King!

Yvonne said...

I like your picture version of Psalm 23.


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Amazing post, Linda. I loved every inspiring, encouraging, beautiful word. Thank you...