Friday, May 15, 2009

The Rose

The rose is a thing of beauty
It’s a mystery to me
Each tender petal curling
Splendor for the eye to see

Fragrance for the nose to savor
Soft and sweet, yet strangely bold
Yet it sends the senses whirling
And it has from days of old

There is such a vast collection
Of variety and size
Each one has it’s own attraction
It’s a feast upon the eyes

The bride carries them so gently
Flower girls drop petals on the way
Mothers wear them as corsages
Buds are pinned to grooms' array

Large bouquets can grace our tables
Or single stems in a bud vase
No matter how we do display them
They bring smiles upon our face

There are thorns that poke our fingers
When we snip them with our shears
But the pleasure that they bring us
Only sweetens through the years

Lord I thank you for the rose
Sweet and fragrant it’s perfume
How delightful is it’s presence
It brings joy to every room

Written by Linda Hogeland May 2009


Buildeth Her House said...

That was so beautfiful! I think of a woman who loves the Lord as a soft, sweet smelling rose.

Kristin said...

Beautiful, Linda! My husband has a rose bush outside and when it blooms, the girls and I always love it! He will cut some and bring them in for me, or the girls will collect the fallen petals for me. We have all enjoyed that rose bush!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Verna said...

I love roses, but, am not good at caring for them. I think I actually killed it last year when I trimmed it down way too far.....It isn't coming to life this year....So, once again, I shall have to replace the whole thing.

Lisa said...

Hello, Mama! You are getting so good at whipping out those poems. I am enjoying my little rose bush blooming, I guess the Spring has truly arrived and Summer will be here any minute!

BTW, I notice your pictures are a little too wide for your post wrapper, better call your blog girl (or send me your login info and I can change it for you, tell you how to avoid it in fyu-cha!!)

September said...

Linda!! This is so beautiful! You are so talented,, thank you for sharing your inspired words with us. I love poetry,,, I use to keep a book of my favorite poems when I was in High-School. Yellow roses are my favorite!!

Deanna said...

Lovely poem!
And I think roses are truly a beautiful and precious flower to enjoy.

Aren't they simply beautiful with such a pleasant fragrance,

Veronica said...

Hi Linda,

Beautiful poem. Roses are my favorite flower ever. My second favorite...daisies. As a matter of fact, the flowers at my wedding were roses and daisies.

On a different note, I wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments lately. To answer your middle name is Rebekah. My hubby (his name is Fernando) does go to church with me and the girls. It was hard to get him to go for a long time, but the Lord really worked on his heart and now he really enjoys attending church again, since it had been a couple of years since we last attended faithfully.

Thanks so much for asking about the grass! I am still loving it! It is doing well and Fernando will need to be giving it its first mow pretty soon here.

Thanks also for the compliments on my hair. I'm still trying to get used to it, but I'm definitely liking it better than the way it was before.

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

Love ya!