Thursday, September 24, 2009

Five Words...and how they relate to me

My friend Teresa over at... Grammy Girlfriend ... did a post called Five Words, where she gives you five random words and has you relate them to you and your life. I thought it would be fun so I left her a comment and my email address in her comment box and she sent me my five words. If you want to play, just click on "Grammy Girlfriend" above and then read her five words and leave a comment with your email address. Then she will email you five words just for you. Make a post with them and share them with Teresa and all of us. Have Fun!

Five Words…and how they relate to me:

1. Support: I could not manage my day to day life without the support of my God, my wonderful husband, my beautiful daughters, their spouses, my grandkids, other family members, my special friends, pastor and church family. And in turn I am more than happy to help support each of them in any way possible.

A three legged table cannot stand on its own without support. In that condition it is useless. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful support system in my life. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:12 …that “a threefold cord is not easily broken”, and that reminds me of the strength and support I find in my… faith, family, and friends. I am certainly blessed!

2. Travel: For most of my life I was not a well traveled person. But in the last 5 years since my husband retired we have had some adventures. The biggest adventure in our travels was when we spent 4 weeks in England. We flew into London and rented a vehicle and drove down to the Poole area and stayed a week with John’s mother’s cousins that live there. They were gracious hosts and they took us sight seeing. We went in the early spring and it was pretty chilly at times, but we bundled up and also drank lots of hot tea and sat by the fireplaces to warm up! Cousin Vic took us on a ferry and we went over to France to do some shopping one day and then back again. So, I guess I can say I have been to France too; however, it was a very brief visit.

We went to stay in the Stocksbridge area where my husband was born during the war, and it is also where his mother grew up. We stayed in the Inn where they had their wedding reception. That was fun to explore the area and learn more about Mom’s childhood and young adult life there. We went to the cemetery where his grandpa was buried and took pictures of his large Celtic cross headstone. They bury several family members in one plot stacked on top of each other because it saves space, so his first wife who died before him and their infant daughter were all together.

We visited Windsor Castle and many other castles on our trip and several museums. We saw where Winston Churchill was born. We took a boat ride on the Thames River. We visited with other friends that live there and explored Barnwell and other towns and did more shopping. We rode on trains and the underground and in Taxis, but we also did a lot of walking. We also saw lots of countryside, grazing sheep, stacked rock walls, and beautiful flowers that were just coming up and blooming. I loved all of the well manicured grounds on the estates and castles.

We went to Piccadilly Square on market day, and we also saw the London Marathon runners, Big Ben, the London Eye, and all the landmarks around London. We saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and we saw where the Queen Mother lived. We saw where Princess Diana and Prince Charles had lived and they had a display of some of her beautiful outfits.

We walked on the pier in Brighton and toured a palace there. It was amazing. We toured a ship building business where they let us tour several million dollar yachts, and they were unbelievable! I could go on and on. We did quite a bit in the 4 weeks that we were there. And I have just written down what popped into my memory, so it is all out of order and there is so much that I have left out.

I enjoy all of our trips around the states too. Last year we went to Tennessee and North Carolina and I had never been that far east. We went to the Biltmore Estates, and I loved seeing that. On the way home we went to Graceland and saw where Elvis lived and toured the museums as well as the house and grounds. And we recently returned from New Mexico where we spent a week in Santa Fe. So since I have left out a whole lot of other places I have been, I guess I do travel quite a bit these days, and we are loving it.

3. World: I am just a little pebble of sand in this vast world. I love all that the Lord created in this world. I am in awe of its beauty. Yet I remember the words of a hymn that says “This World Is Not My Home, …I’m just a passing through…my treasures are laid up…somewhere beyond the blue”. And I am reminded that the Lord has even better things in store for those that believe in Him. Can you even imagine something even better than the awesome beauty of nature in this world? Yet I believe it is true, heaven will be even better. Just to see God will be wonderful, let alone the mansions of precious stones he has prepared for us.

4. Cold: I don’t like to be cold, and I don’t like to have a cold, so maybe I can relate to an ice cold refreshing drink on a hot summer day. I love to put a little pineapple juice in a tall class with ice and then fill it with 7-up. It makes a cold tasty punch, and I really enjoy it. And if I am making it for a crowd I might put it in a punch bowl and add some vanilla ice cream. Now that’s something cold I can relate to.

5. Harvest: I am a city girl from California and I never lived on a farm. I have never harvested anything. I remember “Harvest Gold” appliances! Ha! Does that count for anything? Seriously though it does remind me of the Bible when it says the fields are white with harvest,…when the Lord is saying He needs workers to bring it in. I do want to be a worker for the Lord and to be a part of His harvest. Maybe I have been a seed planter more than a harvester, but I do love sharing the Lord with people, and love telling them of all He has done for me.


Stay@homemommy said...

I surely don't mind if you copy the pictures I found them on Google Images when I searched Blue Flowers. Thanks for stopping by my blog I am glad you found me I enjoy your blog as well. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Kristin said...

I could just sit and read your posts all day long. I just love to hear about your stories and the places you've been. That was a neat idea for the 5 words.

Holly said...

I couldn't manage without God either. He's intertwined into all the little details of my life, whether I see them or not. It is fun to travel and it's great that you've done quite a bit of it in the past few years. It's so neat to see new and exciting places. So true about passing thru. Heaven is my true home! I'm not fond of cold things either or colds themselves!! Ahhh, harvest!! Fall!! I love the country. I'm such a small-town girl. :)

croleyc69 said...

What a neat five words & a great post too. I enjoyed reading it. Thanx for sharing. {{HUGS}}

Veronica said...

What a neat idea for a post. You always have so many neat stories to share and that is so awesome that you've done so much traveling. I hope we can do some traveling when our girls get bigger. I am definitely very sheltered, so it would be a great thing to get out and see the world!

Roxanne said...

I also did the 5 works post and had so much fun . I enjoyed reading about your travels.


Paula Micheal said...

Very neat! I enjoyed reading that!


HappyascanB said...

Omigoodness! Were you seriously this close to him? How crazy!!!!