Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Friend Max Poem

We recently got back from Arizona where we went to a memorial service for our friend Max. Several people have requested that I post the poem that I wrote and read at his service. So here it is. I hope it gives a glimpse of the amazing person our friend Max was. We loved him a lot!

Our Friend Max

Maximilian… Frederick… Steinbuchel… the third
Was a cheerful man with character…and a man who kept his word

He was often very mischievous… with a twinkle in those dark eyes
When he’d tell us all his stories…sometimes whimsy in disguise

Oh he’d try to pull your leg sometimes…but most of them were true
You see our Max was very wise…and he’d share his wisdom too

Teaching others was his game…in the school that we call life
He taught his daughters… sons-in-law,… Ethan…and his wife

He was always reading for enjoyment…took a book on every trip
One of his favorite pastimes…mostly fiction… sometimes quip

He kept current with the news… stocks, and real estate, and prime
He knew something about everything…even how to stretch a dime

He was oh so very generous…and his heart we all could see
Especially with Ethan…when he’d make him squeal with glee

Yes ole’ Poppy loved his grandson from the day that he was born
And he was proud of both his daughters…to his girls his love was sworn

To his friends he pledged his loyalty…always helping where he could
The Max that we all knew and loved… was sometimes ornery…sometimes good

He did his job with dedication…working hard to do it right
Often burning both ends of the candle… and burning oil into the night

He could run with the… great…big .. dogs… and play so hard at life
And playful banter… I remember… with the girl he made his wife

Oh he loved to tease with most of us…that’s the way he showed he cared
He’d inquire about our families and listen while we shared

He had such a spirit of adventure… just like a little kid
We loved to join him on vacations…and had a ball each time we did

We could sit and watch a movie, pass the popcorn in the bowl
Or eat out in a nice restaurant and let the conversation roll

Max and Toni they loved game time… usually Max got stuck with me
John and Toni played as partners… and won the games too easily!
“Sorry Max” I’d always canter…but he didn’t really care
He would smile…his eyes would twinkle… as he sat there in his chair

This man was strong… and he endured much… especially this past year
But his faith in God didn’t falter… and hope replaced the fear

I keep seeing him in heaven as he walks and jumps with glee
No more canes for Maximilian…no more pain with bended knee

Yes, he’s hanging out with angels…spending time with Jesus too
Taking in the awesome beauty…and waiting there for me and you

How do you say... “I love you”… when our Max has gone ahead
By remembering him fondly…all he said… and all he did

By standing by his family…loving them…and being there
Honor Max …and love his Toni… keep his family in your prayers

By Linda Hogeland
September 2010

After the service we went to a reception in his honor, and when we were leaving this is what the sky looked like. I had to snap a couple of pictures to remember how beautiful and peaceful it felt!

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Debbie said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt poem you wrote about Max. I'm sure his family was blessed by your words.

I love the photos you shot in our state of Arizona. Although it continues to be too hot right now, the scenery is beautiful.

croleyc69 said...

The pictures are beautiful. The poem you wrote is lovely. A great memory you have made for his family. Once again I'm sorry for the loss of your friend but as we know as christains it's not the end. There will come a day when we will be together again. I can't wait.
Love ya

Sarah Robbins said...

While I know you are rejoicing that he is in heaven with the Savior, I know how hard it is to be left in this fallen world with sorrow and grief. I am so sorry for your loss. . . Is this your friend you used to travel with and share pictures of?

I pray that the Holy Spirit comforts you with the peace of God and the knowledge of Christ and his surpassing love.

Jenilee said...

that is a beautiful way to remember him. thank you for posting it for us to read!

Kristin said...

That was so beautiful Linda! I'm sure his family loved hearing that poem at his service. And what a beautiful sky afterward! Thanks so much for sharing your poem with us!

Holly said...

You wrote a great poem for him!! And the sky was just beautiful!

Diana said...

Oh, Linda, the poem is such a wonderful tribute to your friend! Beautiful, thoughtful words.

And what a gorgeous sky!

Janet Rose said...

Beautiful tribute to your friend. Thanks for stopping by my blog eariler this evening.

Ashley DeLen said...


That was a lovely poem. What a way to honor a dear friend. I am glad that you were able to go to his memorial. My mom always says it helps her when she is able to go and say good bye.

I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Karin said...

Oh Linda, that was a very special,heartfelt, thoughtful poem! Such warmth and love radiating through every stanza! So sorry about the loss of your friend - well, you didn't lose him, he lives on in your heart!