Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hiding Place- Sara Groves

I love this song that Sara Groves sings. I listen to it and it just brings peace into my heart. I was moved to write a poem.

You Are My Hiding Place

By Linda Hogeland

In this world so filled with hate
I must not worry or debate
I must remember all that's true, and put my utmost faith in you...

You are my hiding place

I will not fear what man can do
I'll boldly put my trust in You
Because this simple fact is true...

You are my hiding place

There are times when I want to run
To flee the pain and dodge the sun
In the scorching heat I am undone...but

You are my hiding place

The blinding light of Satan's lies...
Deceives me in his bold disguise
Yet you perceive when my heart cries...

You are my hiding place

Unfaithful friends become my foes
And bring me down with all their woes
My guard goes up to block their blows...

You are my hiding place

Life tugs and pulls with all its cares
And sometimes snags me unawares...
But it can't catch me in its snares...for

You are my hiding place

What peace, what calm, what joy I feel
When in your arms I start to heal
You nurture me and give me zeal...

In my hiding place

Then out I go to spread your love
In power only from above
To share the hope on wings of dove

You are my hiding place

I bid others to escape
To run to you with eager gate
The only One who seals our fate

You are our hiding place

You spread your wings and beckon me
To the shelter warm and free
On bended knee I cry to Thee...

You are my hiding place!


LC said...

True: Sara's song and your words from the heart.

Verna said...

Thanks Linda. Needed this after a rather different kind of day today. Reminds me that regardless what I am faced with Jesus will hide me and take care of me!

Deanna said...

Dearest Linda, Sara Groves is awesome and I have you to thank for introducing me to her music. Thank you big time. I sure like her!

Also your poetry is beautiful!!! God is our hiding place....amen and amen.

We will get to together one day soon and giggle. I'm sure!

Tami said...

Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing.

sissie said...

Hi Linda,
This is truly beautiful and gives me a sense of peace.


Becca said...

Beautiful! I love when you share your amazing words! :)

I hope you have a great weekend!