Monday, April 30, 2012

I Miss the Ocean………Poem By Linda Hogeland April 2012

I miss walking on the shore
And hearing the mighty ocean roar
Watching the seagulls soaring above
The ocean reminds me of God’s love

As a child I played in the sand and the sea
I took it all in at my mother’s knee
She told me of the God above
Who held the ocean’s bounds in His hands of love

I picked up seashells and starfish too
Because when you are a child, that’s what you do
I splashed in the water and laughed with glee
Oh how I miss the sparkling sea

The sound, the smell, the ocean tide
All with my mother by my side
I miss my mother and all we did
When I played in the ocean as a kid

As an adult it is even so much more
I dream as I stand at the ocean’s floor
I feel its power, I see its grace
And I imagine I see my mother’s face

I say a prayer, I sing a song
I could behold the ocean all day long
It brings a peace I can’t explain
It holds my memories of both pleasure and pain

When I am there it all comes alive
The suntanned girl at the ocean’s side
The loving mother sitting on the shore
Watching the daughter that she’s come to adore

The magic from those days of old
Is something I treasure more than gold
Just a visit to the ocean now and then
Is all it takes to begin again

Oh how I miss the ocean so dear
I hope for a visit sometime this year
To sit and to drink it all in with my eyes
Is a desire my heart can no longer disguise


Anonymous said...

beautiful! I am right now planning our summer vacation to Tybee Island...and this just made me so happy to read!

LC said...

What a precious tribute to God's creativity and a mother's loving influence.

Rebecca said...


Oh my gosh...girlfriend WHERE IS THE BOOK??????

I'd soooo buy it!


Jenilee said...

I love the sounds of water and the feel of sand... I grew up in northern michigan, in Petoskey, which is right on lake michigan. We enjoyed many, many summer days right on the water!

Debbie Huffaker said...

You are so very talented. What a beautiful poem. We haven't been to the ocean in several years....would love to visit and just sit and watch and listen!!! HOPE you have a great day!

Magdalena said...

Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Are you hoping your hubby read your blog today? LOL. I miss the ocean also. When we were little my dad used to like to take drives to Jones Beach out on Long Island in the winter! We would run around the sand and race back to the car to warm up. It was so much fun. Enjoy your day!

Hallim said...

wow i like it
very intrenting

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

So beautiful. I miss the ocean, too! Need to go there as a family soon.

Richella said...

This is precious, Linda! I'm guessing that being in the middle of the country you particularly miss the seaside--but what a great ocean of love you've shown your own children! Bless you.