Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sipping Tea on a Rainy Saturday

Sipping Tea on a Rainy Saturday

These are my six words today!

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I started this post early this morning when I was sitting at my computer watching it rain. I got up and got myself some tea, and enjoyed the quiet of the morning with the sound of a gentle rain. But then we got some big thunder boomers and the house woke up...and there went my quiet solitude! (:>) I had been sitting there sipping my tea and reflecting on the joys of the day before. We had a lovely day.

My youngest daughter Lonna got remarried yesterday. She's the one in the middle. I will post a few pictures later when I download some.

She and her new hubby are on a short honeymoon, and we have her two girls, Julia and Adelynn staying with us. And also their older girl cousin Bailey is with us too. Their two brothers are staying with friends. Life is fun with kids in the house again.

This picture is a couple of years old...they would say..."Grandma we were just kids in this picture! Ha! They are 12 and 13 now!

And Here's Miss Bailey...she is 19, so she really is growing up!

There have been lots of giggles and Nerf gun battles with these three....and today we went to the movies and saw Mirror Mirror. Julia Roberts was the wicked Queen. I think she had lots of fun making this movie. It is the story of Snow White with many twists and variations! My girls laughed a lot throughout the movie. We stopped for some shakes and fries after the movie. Grams has been feeding these girls a lot. I forget how much kids eat at these ages! (:>) But it makes me feel I like taking them places and, and feeding them...and even cleaning up after them. I miss having kids in the house. (But at my age, I do tire easily...I end up going to bed before they do!) (:>)

Last night we took the girls, and one of our grandsons, and two of his friends, to a Good Friday service at our oldest daughter's church. It was beautiful. They lit candles and showed scriptures up on the screens as a narrator read them. The choir was up in the balcony and with each new section of scripture the choir sang softly, and afterwards one by one the candles were extinguished. After several passages and several songs the only remaining lit candle was the one that represented Jesus...and then it was extinguished... and solemnly we exited the sanctuary. we think of Jesus' body laying in that tomb, we ponder on the sacrifice of our Lord who died on our behalf...and this Saturday we await Easter Sunday when we will celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

In the morning we will be going to a breakfast and then Sunday School and church we will need to get up a bit early to get us all ready. So...I had better go to bed. I hope you had a good Saturday, and that you will have a Glorious Easter!


Karin said...

A most joyful Easter to you and yours! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Anonymous said...

Stopping in to wish you and yours a very Happy Resurrection Sunday Celebration

Jeanie said...

It sounds like you are having an exhausting but very fun time.
Have a wonderful Easter.......then get some rest.:)

LC said...

What a wonderful service! There is nothing like having grands overnight. I savor the early wake up cuddling! Blessings to your daughter and hubby.

Thanks for this glimpse of special times. I, too, enjoy an early quiet wake up cup of tea.

Beth in NC said...

I love rainy Saturdays. :o) Not stormy, but rainy.

You have a lovely family! I pray your daughter is enjoying her honeymoon.

I'm glad you had a blessed Easter.


Jenilee said...

Sounds like lots of fun is happening for you all lately! Great family moments :) I tagged you in a post today!

Tami said...

Faith, family, friends - those are really all that count in life. You got all three in one weekend - what a blessing.

Adorable granddaughters!!