Monday, June 1, 2009

Abigail's Sonnet By Grandma Linda

Today on Monday Monthly Poetry I am re-posting a poem I wrote about my granddaughter Abigail a few months ago. If you would like to participate, just click on the button below and join in the fun.

Abigail's Sonnet

My heart has felt the strong emotion
the forceful tugging at it's strings
A beautiful and deep devotion
brought to me on angel's wings

How can one so young and tender
know the depths of her own soul
Moved by such immense elation
drawn by music's drumming roll

Only God can stir the longings
Only He can give the gifts
Only as we yield to promptings
Can we glean His benefits

Music, art, and soulful writings
flow from her with graceful ease
To my heart with love so haunting
bringing me to prayerful knees

Thank you God for one so lovely
Blessed are we to know her well
What a gift of such proportion
When you gave us Abigail!!!!!!


Abigail Kraft said...

Awwww....Grandma, you seriously made me cry this morning. :) Thank you so much! You're so incredibly sweet and encouraging. You totally brightened up my day with this and with your uplifting. I praise God so much for giving me a grandma like you--He truly has blessed me beyond belief with all of the amazing people He's given me.

Thank you for this sweet reminder to always use the gifts that only God can give to further His kingdom! That is my heart's desire. :)

I love you so much Grams!
In His arms,

Lucy said...

What a lovely poem dedicated to a lovely person!!

You've persuaded me, by the way. I didn't get the chance to write something new but I have posted a poem for today!!

Lucy xxx

Raye Ann said...


How Beautiful! The two of you are truly blessed to have each other. She gets a great deal of her gift from her Grandma.

Raye Ann

Veronica said...


First of all I just want to say thanks so much for all of your encourging and sweet comments. I really appreciate all of them!

This was such a beautiful poem. Your grandchildren are so blessed to have such a wonderful Grandma as you!


Kristin said...

I see where Abigail gets her gift of writing from! I totally missed this post because my blog roll isn't updating! I always love the beauty of your poetry. I know how much I treasure my Mom's writings, and I know your family will treasure yours too. I treasure your friendship.......God knew exactly what I needed when he sent me you!

Deanna said...