Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Poem for Tuesday and Family Fun! For Weds. Walk

Cherish The Little Things

Cherish the little things that the Lord brings your way
A smile from a little child who is busily at play

A handshake or a gentle hug from somebody that cares
A word of encouragement can help you climb the stairs

When the burdens of a heavy load may be weighing your life down
Take time to sing a little song or just act like a clown

We take life much too seriously and don’t take time to play
Like a joy filled group of children on a breezy summer day

Sit in a swing and gently glide and whistle a little tune
Make music in your heart to God as you gaze upon the moon

Pick a flower, kick a can, or make a castle in the sand
Splash in a puddle, play in a band, or act like a sailor on dry land

Be thankful for what each day brings
Rise above troubles on angel’s wings

Why live like paupers when we belong to the King?
Accept all the blessings His Kingship brings!

Don’t forget to be thankful for little daily gifts
Each and every one of them can give your heart a lift

If we cherish the little things it makes for a better day
And along with all this cherishing please take time to pray

Lift your heartfelt prayers to God, and to Him your burdens bring
Cherish life and all God gives even when they’re little things!

By Linda Hogeland June 2009


I am also inviting you to read my Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane and to enjoy my pictures. Have A Good Day,...Remember to Cherish The Little Things!


Hi, It's Linda with my husband John. Here are a bunch of pictures of our three girls and their families. We are in "party mode",...so some of these are pretty crazy!!!

My youngest daughter Lonna and her kids, William, Caleb, Julia and Adelynn

My middle daughter Lynnette and her husband Kyle, and their kids, Jared, Abigail, Cecily, Silas, Jonas, and Harrison

My oldest daughter Lisa and her husband Brad, and their daughter Bailey

The eleven grandkids all together

All of the guys

All of us girls

Just me,.. Linda and my three fun loving girls,...Lisa, Lynnette, and Lonna (All "L's")

Abigail Grace with her "birthday bucks"!

Kilroy was here...No, that's just William checking out what's going on

Lisa making a "goofy" face!

Lisa with some of her "birthday bucks"!

Abigail with more birthday surprises

Adelynn and Julia performing for us

Jonas, Silas and Harrison performing for us

My three silly girlies in a pyramid

Sweet Cecily

Sweet Lonna

Sweet Bailey

John,Brad,Cecily and I watching the little kids perform

Lynnette taking pictures of Jared

The "mad camera woman"! teehee

The girls eating at the girl's table

Caleb being Caleb,...always energetic

The Birthday People...Uncle Dan, Lisa, and Abigail (with Caleb getting in on the act)

This week for Wednesday's Walk I posted these pictures of our family party that we had on Saturday night when we were celebrating three birthdays. So this week we were making memories, and just having fun.

If you would like to join in and post a memory today, just click on the button below and link up your post.


Sharon said...

You have a beautiful family. You are truly blessed.

Kristin said...

I loved your poem, Linda! I think God has been trying to teach me lately that I don't take time to enjoy and cherish the little things, and those are the things that make my life so joyful!

Your family is so precious. I miss the days of having a family like that. Everyone in my adopted family is gone, except for my Dad and honestly when he moved, it felt like he was gone too. I do have my Aunt Barbara from my biological family and I cherish her. One day, I am hoping that I will be like you, and I'll be able to sit back and watch my girls with their families, being silly and just loving each other. And, I hope that I always have a home that they want to come back to, and that we will enjoy our time with each other.

In the middle of typing this, my Aunt Barbara called. LOL! Anyways, have a wonderful rest of the week!

Love ya,

Deanna said...

Hi Linda,
Loved this post and all the pictures.
Such fun to be a part of your family this way!
Enjoyed this very much.
Thank you for coming by on Saturday and chatting with me on the porch. You're a sweetie.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

I always love your inspiring poems!!! And the pics...what fun memories!!! I love the four "L"s!

Pamela in TX
(God's girl)

April said...

Beautiful Poem and great photos!! Perfect for a scrapbook! Yah - 16 years old!!

Janet said...

Hi Linda!

Thank you for sharing the poem and such fun family pictures. Thank you also for your kind words and for following my blog.

Have a fun-filled, memory lane day!

Erika said...

that's a beautiful poem! thanks for the comment...Micah is a fun little boy, full of so much joy. Speaking of filled with joy, your family looks so fun! I enjoyed the pics. I was thinking "aw, what a beautiful fun looking family..." and then I saw you are Lynette's mom! You seem like a fun sweet Grandma - I love it when Grandma's "over-do" things like you mentioned in your comment to me...that's what makes you guys, you! just shows how much you guys long to care so lovingly for (& spoil!) the little ones.

Sally-Ann said...

Love your poem and your photos!
Seeing the Burma Shave banner in the background of one of the photos made me smile. When I first moved to the USA we would see Burma Shave ads when we drove from Utah to South Dakota. Later on when we moved to Minnesota we would see signs for Wall Drug. Still see the Wall Drug signs, but not the Burma Shave

Kristin said...

Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment and some encouragement.

I loved looking at the pictures. Big famiies are so much fun, aren't they? A blessing from HIM, for sure!

Kate said...

I really do need to savor the little things in life. Thanks for the encouraging reminder! I love your poems, they are great! And I love the family pictures! Thanks for allowing us to see glimpses into your sweet family!

HappyascanB said...

I think this might be my favorite poem of yours yet!! Beautiful! Love the pics of your family; I feel like I know everyone between your blog and Lynnette's!!!

Aspiemom said...

I've tried to visit here a few times this past week and it wouldn't let me access. I'm having a hard time accessing ANY site, and often can't leave comments, so it's not that I'm not trying!

That was a sweet poem and I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures of your fun family time. It looked like everyone was having a great time together!

Jennifer said...

What a great Memory Walk...I loved all your pictures. And, as always, your poem was great...Indeed, why live like paupers when we are children of the King??! Love that.

Thanks for sharing your family time with us:)

Holly said...

I enjoyed seeing all those pictures. Having family together is such a great time and it definitely looks like your family makes the most of that time! How fun! I picture it in my head and I hope it's at least 1/2 as fun as I imagine it to be.

Verna said...

Linda, You have a wonderful family. And family fun is always good.

I may have to copy and paste that poem on paper and post it up at work, to remind me daily that I need to let go and enjoy the small things in life.
Thanks for reminding me.

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Lovely pictures, looks like you all made special memories. Thanks for sharing your poem as well.

Lauren Ann said...

beautiful!! might I ask, how do you make the background of the posts and sidebars slightly transparent? I would love to know. Please comment on my blog when you find time.


Buildeth Her House said...

You always have such wonderful poems!!!! Your family is so beautiful.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful family.
I just posted the last Disney post....
Hope you will enjoy it.
Stop by when you have some time.
I love all my new blog friends.

September said...

Awesome pictures Linda! I was wondering if I could print this poem for my fridge? I respect whatever decision you are comfortable with.
I love the picture of the Girls and the Pyramid! I think I am going to have to try that!!
I truly enjoy visiting your blog.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Linda, I have put up a new post that I am asking a serious question in. Would you, if possible, drop by and read it? I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you

Pamela in TX

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Love your poems...great message in this one...to cherish the little things...so important. And I love your sweet family pics. You guys always look like you're having so much fun. I love how the Lord has turned your mourning into dancing. Love the beauty of how you embrace joy. Love you...

Veronica said...

Linda...sorry I missed this post. Your poem was awesome! I also love all your family pictures. My hubby's family is huge and when we all get together we have such a fun and crazy good time too!