Saturday, June 27, 2009


These pictures were taken in Florida when we were on vacation a few years ago. We drove a couple of hours to go to the beach and it clouded up and poured down rain about 20 minutes after we got there!

I live in Kansas and so this is not the view from my window as I watched the rain the day I wrote this poem,...but I just added it because I couldn't find another rain picture. ((smile))

A gentle rain is falling on this quiet summer day
I gaze outside my window and I feel prompted to pray

Why is it that the showers drench my dry and longing soul?
As I see the dancing raindrops and I hear the thunder roll

I turn my eyes toward heaven and I wonder with my mind
Why my precious Lord and Savior is so generous and kind

We’ve had days of heat and swelter where we grumble and complain
And yet the faithful Savior now sends peaceful quiet rain

There’s a feeling of contentment rising up within my heart
As I smile and draw a breath and let the vespers have their start

Thank you Jesus for your mercy raining down upon us all
Thank you for the generous blessings as the showers freely fall

Now my grass will green and flourish as it soaks in all the drops
And my flowers will stand taller,…heat had given them the flops!

Don’t we all feel bouts of weariness when summer takes it’s toll?
I know I often wilt outside when scorching heat and hot winds blow

But this morning here I sit inside just listening to the rain
And I find it’s rhythm soothing, like a lullaby’s refrain

I needed sweet refreshment,…we all do from time to time
So I sat inside and watched the rain and made this little rhyme

Wash me now oh precious Master with the wonder of your love
As you send the welcomed showers from your reservoir above

Always there to hear our murmurings,…how often we complain!
But today I choose to praise Him for the blessing of the rain!

By Linda Hogeland June 2009


Kristin said...

Hi! We were definitely praising Him for the rain we got day before yesterday. I think we may have been the only area in Houston to see any rain and it poured for about 10 minutes. Even Morgan, who works 5 minutes away said they didn't get any rain. It was a blessing and the girls loved it. We just watched it pour outside the window!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Holly said...

Ahhh rain. It can be a soothing sound and sight, especially in the summer months. I love frolicking in the warm, summer rain. We often used to swim while it was raining.

Holly said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my bedroom post! hehe Yeah, the bed is our dog's. He actually has 2 beds. One in our bedroom and one in our den. He used to sleep in our bed too until I got pregnant and kicked him out. He's not a small dog either!! Imagine that-me, my hubby, and a 90lb dog all sleeping in a full bed. hahaha

Holly said...

And and I forgot to add....I can't wait to start reading Lynnette's book. :) I'm sure we'll all enjoy it.

Kim said...

Beautiful poem Linda..we were blessed with rain today. It has been extremely hot here in SC so we were rejoicing!

Deanna said...

Linda, these pictures are so pleasant. Wish I could look out the window and see this soothing view! How beautiful God's landscaping is.

So good to hear from you. You'd asked about Paxico, Kansas and the antique shops...
Linda, they still have some. Most of the town has shops. I've shopped Paxico more in the last 5 years and I think that there are about the same number of stores now as then. I commented on my site about more stores in the area. I luv the thrift turns my crank!

Blessings to you.

Vera said...

That was beautiful, Linda! And so is your view!! Thanks for the prayers ♥

Sarah Robbins said...


This is TOTALLY why younger women need others to teach us! My husband completely agreed with you on the footboard because he IS tall. You saved us a whole lot of work and needless time and energy.

Guess I will have to turn it into a new craft project now. :)

I hope all continues to be well with you. Doesn't the rain just wash your soul clean?!

So glad to hear from you,

Jennifer said... I choose to praise Him!!! Thanks, Linda!