Friday, June 19, 2009

Cucumber Sandwiches...And Feminine Friday

Cucumber Sandwiches

With cream cheese you spread the bread
Then add tomatoes bright and red

Fresh cucumbers sliced and cold
Stacked upon tomatoes bold

With salt and pepper I then flavor
Add more bread,…eat and savor

Nothing like them on a summer day
Cucumber sandwiches made this way

Eat them outside, under a tree
And top them off with a glass of iced tea

They call them “ladies' sandwiches”, so delicate and light
I call them simply “yummy”,...a summertime delight!

By Linda Hogeland June 2009

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1

June 19, 2009
Feminine Friday

Well it's that time again, time to show our beautiful dresses/skirts. We can show that dressing modest and feminine can be done and with style. I was called by the spirit of God to showcase how ladies in today's society can dress modest and feminine, not only in dress but in demeanor as well. You can also link past/present posts on modesty or feminity as well. This can be an encouragement to women, who can benefit from your wisdom. Just grab a button, paste it at the end of your post and link up!

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Holly said...

I've never had a cucumber sandwich. In fact, I've never had a cucumber!

Love Abounds At Home said...

I've had cucumber sandwiches before and they taste good. Love the feminine look :)

Deanna said...

Dearest Linda,
I so enjoy your writings and poetry.

Feminine Fridays is a beautiful ministry for many women of all ages. This is a much needed ministry to females in this day and age. Also, men will benefit from seeing how modest females dress and behave in our present age. The older I get the more I appreciate God's word and can see how righteous living is so right on!

Your table looks lovely and cucumber sandwiches are delcious. Thank you for sharing this as well as a family picture of you girls. All dressed so pretty!

Lovely Life to you,

Kim said...

Hey Linda, I've never tried a cucumber sandwich but I just think I might. I love cucumbers and I bet I'll like them in a sandwich. (sorry to say, there's not much this girl doesn't like)

Valencia said...

I'm so glad you added my Feminine Friday meme and button code to your post...Stop by my blog and link up to this Feminine Friday's Mr.Linky. Please leave me a comment it it wont link. It really is something I find dear to my heart to shine a light on modesty and femininity.

Kristin said...

Okay, we have got to find out why Holly has never had a cucumber! LOL!! I love cucumbers! They are so refreshing, although I've never had a cucumber sandwich before....they sound good.

I think you ladies all look so beautiful in your dresses and I love all of your shoes! I need to find some like those!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love ya,

Julie said...

I've heard of cucumber sandwiches, but have never had one. They sound yummy!!

Leighann said...

I love cucumber sandwiches. :)

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Yum, what a tasty sounding recipe!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I just LOVE your poems!!! And I will have to try those yummy cucumber sandwiches!! And you look beautiful, by the way! What a fun and Godly meme!

I want to thank you, too, for your kind prayer. That ministered to my heart so much!!


Veronica said...

Linda...what a neat poem! I've never had a cucumber sandwhich, so I'll have to make one and see how I like it. I love cucumbers and found out just the other day that my littlest one likes them too! She was making her little sounds when she saw me eating them, so I gave her one and she totally loved it. She kept doing her baby sign for "more." It was so cute.

What a great idea for feminine Friday. I think lots of girls need to be reminded of how to be modest these days!

Lynnette Kraft said...

You know what I'm heading to the store for today? Cucumbers, tomatoes and cream cheese! Seriously, you got me craving a cucumber sandwich! :) The poem was CUTE!

The pictures of you and Lisa and Bailey and precious. Such pretty ladies you are! Can you believe that Bailey is almost 17!!!! Time goes by TOOOOO quickly!

Have a lovely day.
PS Can you believe Holly has never eaten a cucumber! That's CRAZY!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful idea/ministry...feminine Friday!! Modesty - whether dress or demeanor - is quickly disappearing and we so need to encourage one another in this way! You absolutely beautiful in your photograph :)

But, I don't know about a sandwich of cucumbers and tomatoes!?!? I love that you wrote a poem about it - cute!!

Verna said...

Maybe we all need to send Holly a cucumber, and hope she has tomatoes, bread and cream cheese in her house.. :)

I have never eaten cucumbers with cream cheese, but am sure they are yummy. Ours was the simple tomatoe sandwich, bread , butter, then thick slice of tomatoe and eaten as an open face sandwich.

Perhaps that was because my mother made pickles and canned them out of our cucumbers. We didn't eat them raw back then, but I sure like them now with my salt (which I am to use sparingly)....ya right, when it comes to cucumbers and tomoatoes.

Modesty- dress, the past number of weeks I have been wearing skirts to work. (Instead of jeans). I even ventured into wearing a dress the other day.
For the first 26 years of my life that is all I wore. So I told them, perhaps that is what I will wear the last 26+ (hopefuly) years of my life. I find not only are they modest, but they are much cooler then jeans are to work in.

Linda, love your poems.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, if you shoot me an e-mail I will tell you a bit more about my neck problems, and how I handled them.

Verna @ Coleman2

Graceful Threads said...

Yummy! I am just now starting to harvest Cukes from my garden, they only last about 5 days so I was try to think of different ways to eat them....this sounds great.