Friday, April 17, 2009

100 Random Things About Myself

This is a double post for Wednesday's Walk, and Getting To Know You!
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1. I don’t eat chocolate,…for health reasons
2. I love caramels
3. Allergic to nuts
4. Allergic to eggs
5. Allergic to anything with feathers…. All poultry
6. I have a rapid, irregular heartbeat all of the time
7. I don’t consume caffeine
8. I hate pills,…I only take one prescription
9. Allergic to avocado,…no guacamole for me!
10. I try not to eat things with artificial colors, or preservatives
11. I had my eyes swell shut when I got contacts,…I am allergic to the solutions
12. I am allergic to molds and Penicillin, and sulfa drugs
13.I had eczema as a child until I was an adult and found out I was allergic to so much
14. I have had migraine headaches for over 30 years
15. Last year I suffered terribly from a slipped disk in my neck and a pinched nerve
16. Because I was so inactive with my neck problem I gained 50 pounds! YUK!
17. I love to watch HGTV
18. I love to decorate!
19. I got a new house 2 years ago,…I love it,…(thanks honey!)
20. I went to England 5 years ago with my hubby and his brother for a month! Beautiful!
21. I want to see the new England states in the autumn before I die ~~~ I love Autumn
22. I was born in Southern Calif., and lived there until I was 25
23. I love the ocean,…it makes me think of God’s power as I watch it move
24. I love the weather in Calif.,…but Kansas is now my home and I love it here.
25. My favorite thing is putting in my cd’s in the car and listening to music as I take a drive
26. I love to read.
27. The Library is a favorite place
28. I like to sing in the shower,…and play the piano when nobody is home to listen
29. I love to write stories and poems, and letters
30. I love to blog
31. I have 312 Facebook friends
32. I have a wonderful friend named Myrna and we have been friends for almost 30 years
33. I only had one sister and she died in January this year….I miss her a lot!
34. I have lost 6 special people in the last 4 years
35. I have gone to the same church since 1979,…same pastor,…I love him
36. I love roses
37. I love the color purple,…it makes me feel happy!
38. I love redbud trees
39. I love creeping phlox in purple and hot pink
40. I love fountains
41. I love waterfalls
42. I love rainbows
43. I love Gentle Rain
44. I also love 75 to 80 degree days with a gentle breeze,…
45. Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons, but summer is next.
46. I love babies
47. I like to go barefoot or wear flip-flops,…but shoes hurt my bunions most of the time! (:>)
48. I love silver fashion jewelry, and scarves
49. I love to go on walks,…when my feet don’t hurt,..(those extra 50 pounds cause that)
50. I have a little brother,…about 3 years younger than me. We had a blast growing up together
51. I had an older brother who died 20 years ago,…I have never met his daughter who grew up in New Zealand
52. My niece who grew up in New Zealand is a fashion model/cover girl She lives in London now
53. I have loved Jesus since I was a small child, but I have been a Christian for about 30 years now
54. My husband has been a Christian for 14 years,…I prayed for him for 15 years & then God saved him! Hallelujah!!!
55. My husband and I love to pray for people together after daily devotions,…(He leads then now …I am blessed!)
56. I have three beautiful daughters, 2 godly son-in-laws, and 11 grandkids and 3 more in heaven, plus a couple more that I never met that were miscarried (Love them all!)
57. I lived in Colorado for 3 years before coming to Kansas. It is a neat place to live too.
58. I have natural curly hair,…like my mom did.
59. I don’t dye my hair because of my allergies
60. I wear make-up everyday,…never go anywhere without it. (Does that sound vain?)
61. Because of my allergies I have dark circles under my eyes and need concealer and make-up to not look tired, or sick.
62. I used to sell diamond jewelry at Helzberg’s for 5 years and I loved it.
63. Years ago I used to work at a candy store,..(See’s Candies)
64. Once I owned a Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio
65. I used to love to dance when I was young
66. I used to sing ok before I got nodules on my vocal chords from all of my allergies now I can’t hit high notes
67. I have had 5 surgeries,…one of them took 6 hours!
68. I have another wonderful friend Toni who lives in Arizona who I have also known for almost 30 years. She and her husband invite us to go on vacations with them. Last year we went to Tennessee and North Carolina. Sometimes we go to Branson, Mo. with them
69. I loved my father-in-law and mother-in-law, and helped take care of both of them before they died,…I counted it a blessing to grow even closer to them during those illnesses before their deaths. I miss them. I love their son so much! My mom-in-law was born in England and so was my husband
70. I can remember things well from the time I was 4 years old, but my short term memory is going! (:>)
71. My sister-in-law Becky makes me laugh,…she is fun! She lives in Nebraska
72. I am a B- personality most of the time,.. But I can be silly and hyper at times.
73. I long to always be a Meek and Gentle person,…but I can lose my temper! Watch Out!
74. I can get my feelings hurt real easily,…I’m sensitive
75. I like to feel needed,…I like to be a helper and feel useful
76. I married young and had kids young, so I became a grandma at age 40
77. I love, being a grandma,…it is such a HUGE blessing!
78. I like to stay in my pj’s until I leave the house a lot of the time. I don’t get up and get dressed first thing. Now that my husband is retired he stays in pj pants and a t-shirt till noon sometimes when we are just hangin’ out at home.
79. I once or twice threw a coat on over my pj’s and took kids to school when my kids were young. Thank goodness I never had car trouble and had to walk home!
80. I love to have a date night with my hubby and go out to eat and to a movie
81. I don’t see my kids and grandkids as much as I want to,…their lives are busy, and we don’t drop in like we used to. But we try to have birthday gatherings once a month, and then Christmas and Thanksgiving at least,…and sometimes grandkids come and spend the night. That is more often than a lot of people get to see their kids,…so I am thankful
82. My Girls love the Lord,…and many of my grandkids have become Christians too. I pray for them all to grow close to Him as they grow up
83. I love to look at Model Homes
84. I rode on a Harley once with an ex-Hell’s Angel when I was 14,…(Long story,…but I was scared to death!) I can’t really believe I did that but my sis and brother -in -law egged me on and so I did it
85. I can’t get flu shots because they are cultured or grown in eggs
86. Same for the pneumonia shot
87. I have had pneumonia several times in my life and been very ill and hospitalized with it
88. But since I have learned what I am allergic to I avoid things that bring it on
89. I have met the Lennon Sisters,…and yes, I love the old Lawrence Welk shows. So did my mom, and I grew up watching them
90. I love the old Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy, and the Waltons,…yes I am old!
91.I love my minivan with the stow and go seats. It is really handy, especially when antiquing
92. I love the Tuscan look,…but I am also eclectic, and have a mixture of styles, and lots of collections
93. I love to float in the pool. I should swim more and exercise in the pool too but I don’t like to put on a swimsuit
94. I love the Leslie Sansone “Walk Away The Pounds” DVD’s and I have lost 50 pounds before just by watching what I eat and doing those, (until I hurt my foot, and also had to slow down because of my slipped disc.) I hope to be able to do those again soon
95. I love to watch Rachel Ray’s “30 Minute Meals”, and I have tried some of her recipes.
96. I do like to cook, but don’t like to bake,…and I can’t use eggs in baking so I have to adjust things and they don’t always come out
97. I prefer one- on- one conversations and don’t compete very well in big crowds of people who all want to talk at once. I am shy in crowds,…even at church
98. I am drawn to out-going friendly people (like my husband), who bring me out of my shell
99. I don’t like to answer the phone, cuz I have to be in the mood to talk. But if it is someone I want to talk to I can be on the phone for an hour or more at times, and enjoy it.
100. I love deeply and will try to help anyone who needs me if I can. God gave me the spiritual gift of Mercy/Giver. But, I also enjoy quiet times to myself, or just being with my husband, so sometimes I am not as hospitable and giving as I should be.

Ok, there you have it. 100 random things about me that I am afraid will not be too interesting to most of you. But maybe a few of you will have learned a little more about me.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits ~~~April 2009


Lynnette Kraft said...

Well, there wasn't anything new to me, but I have to add a few that you didn't put (since you did that on mine!) :)
1. You are NOT computer savvy! ha!!
2. You say things wrong - like "Yahoo". (YUH-HOO!)
3. You do a great gorilla impersonation.
4. You LOVE spaghetti!
5. You laugh at people a lot.
6. You can make a great meal out of nothing!
7. You like Hallmark type movies.
8. Your favorite saying is "God is good all the time."
9. Did you say you like country music?
10. You eat at Taco Tico every Sunday (do you still do that?)

Well, I could go on, but you have 110 things! :) hee hee

I love you.

Lex said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I enjoyed reading your 100, but honestly feel for you with all your allergies! I can't even imagine dealing with all of those! Anyway, have a good weekend and stop by again sometime :).

HappyascanB said...

These are great, but God love your heart with all of your allergy issues. I'm blessed in that I have yet to find anything I am allergic to.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Oh..girl I loved your 100 things. I am considering doing this myself! But the task seems daunting. I am sorry for the allergies and ailments as well. You handle all of it with beauty and grace, though! I wear make up everyday too....because of dark circles under my eyes. And...if I wear the cheap stuff that doesn't last all day, by afternoon everyone says "Kelly you look tired" or "Are you feeling O.K.?" I smile and say "This is just what I look like under my makeup! Scary, isn't it?"
=) Ahhh...humility!

Thanks for sharing these pieces of you...

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I just had to come over and read these b/c I've noticed your comments to others and you are such a blessing and example. There is such a gentle wisdom in your words to others!

I am so sorry to hear about your struggles with allergies--I never knew how debilitating those can be.
No guacamole. Oh dear.

I love to decorate and watch HGTV, too!

I think it is an INCREDIBLE testimony that you prayed your husband into the Kingdom for 15 years! That is incredible!

I just did the 100 things too and it's been so much fun and it's been wonderful "meeting" you!


Kristin said...

I enjoyed your 100 things!! I had no idea you suffered so much with are such a positive person all the time. I would probably be really cranky if I had to deal with all of that.

I never leave without makeup either. I also use Merle Norman makeup. I am allergic to penicillan too. I also love silver jewelry, always have. I always stay in my PJ's until about 2pm, then I go take a shower and get dressed, unless I have somewhere to be that day. My husband takes the girls to school, so I don't have to get out until time to pick them up.

I was laughing about the hell's angel ride!!

That's scary about the pneumonia....that's how my mom died, so please always be careful and get yourself to the hospital right away if you feel yourself getting sick!!!

That's funny about your favorite shows....I remember many times picking up Madison from my Mom's house and they'd all be watching the Andy Griffith show or I love Lucy!

I didn't realize I would enjoy this 100 things idea so much. Lynnette always sponsors the funnest things....I always like getting to know people better.

Hope you have a good weekend!!

Raye Ann said...

Hay Sweet Sister,

You have no idea what a blessing it has been to find yours and Lynnette's sites a few weeks back. When I popped on over here from "At the Well" I didn't know that was going to be a life changing moment.

Thank you for wishing my sweet baby girl a happy birthday.

I truly understand about the allergies. I have gluten, lactose, and sugar intolerance. Wool, latex, dairy, and soy allergies. The dairy and soy are adult onset.In addition to that I am allergic to the state of Texas. The soy is the one we just found the hard way. I am recovering today because I did not read a label yesterday.

I love you list. I am working on mine. I had been thinking about doing one for a while, but Lynnette's challenge got me started.

Blessings Always

Linda said...

Raye Ann, I am glad you wrote me this morning. I will pray for you to feel better today as you recover from your episode. It is hard to cope with allergies sometimes huh?

But by God's grace it is possible. Thank you Lord!

Our whole family have food allergies or sensitivities. Get togethers are kinda hard when we figure out the menu,...but we do it with God's help.

I love blogging and making new Christian friends. In real life I am bashful or shy. But that's mostly in a crowd. One-on-one I do better.
And writing has always been something I am comfotable with.

I will close for now.
Have a good day!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Karabeth said...

Hi Linda,

I enjoyed reading your 100 things post. Actually, I enjoy reading your posts all the time. I stop by regularly because of Wednesday's Walk.

I just love the fact that you and your daughter both blog. Ditto. I also love the fact that you were probably drawn into the bloggy world by your more-outgoing daughter. Ditto.

Raye Ann said...


I understand the family get together menu planing. We have lots of allergies and nobody is allergic to the same thing. God gets us through.


dmccalla said...

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So thank you for your heartfelt article. Chocolate could bring some additional joy to your already joyful life!

Veronica said...

Hi Linda,

I'm a little late getting to read your post but I am so glad that I did. I am so sorry to hear that you struggle with allergies so much. I have allergies too, but nothing like what you experience. I am also allergic to penicillin. I love staying in my jammies too. Some days I just lose track of time and before I know it, it's 3 p.m. and I'm still not showered for the day. I also love roses, being barefoot. I used to sell jewelry too! Just like you, I am very sensitive!

Well, I hope you are having a great weekend. I am really looking forward to church tomorrow. I was just telling Kristin today that it feels so good to be excited about going to church. I haven't felt that way in a long time. Talk to later.

Love, Veronica

Buildeth Her House said...

It's great to get to know you better. Thanks so much for taking the time out to post this.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Finally did my 100 things...whew! By the is a beautiful testimony that you prayed for your husband for 15 years. I prayed for mine for 10...God is faithful!