Monday, April 6, 2009

A Meek And Quiet Spirit

A meek and quiet spirit is what I want today
No matter who I talk to, God’s fruit I must display

A heart that holds compassion, and brings comfort to a friend
A life lived in godly fashion, bent knees and prayers without end

Less of me and more of Jesus living through my yielded soul
Holy Spirit in full action, others first ,…should be my goal

Letting go of selfish passions, reaching for another’s hand
Pulling them from drowning sorrows, helping them to reach dry land

Saved to serve should be my motto, not saved to seek my own desires
Telling them the Gospel message, sharing faith is what God requires

Doing this with quiet spirit, having meekness as my goal
Never preaching at my subjects, because this won’t save their soul

Simply leading them to Jesus, introducing them to Him
Telling them of His sweet goodness, and how His mercies never end

He’s the one that brings the harvest, I must plant and that is all
He’s the one who stirs the heart, and brings redemption from the fall

Can I follow His example,… can I love… to others give
Can I give it without motive,…except that others might fully live?

Do my actions truly please Him if I boldly speak His plan?
Or is a meek and quiet spirit of more value when approaching man?

I want to be a yielded vessel, one who pours forth soothing oil
Serving Him with quiet spirit, gently sharing without toil

Jesus didn’t fight the throngs that came before him in a band
He simply knelt and took His finger, writing something in the sand

He gave them hope in quiet manner,…he made it easy to take in
He hoped they’d take it in as children, …in simple faith, new life begin

Today I really want to please Him,…loving Him with all my heart
Meekly sharing faith with others, quietly His love impart

By Linda Hogeland ~~~April 2009



Sharon said...

Beautiful poem! Thanks for this reminder. What a great way to start out my day, I needed it.

Kristin said...

Another beautiful poem, Linda. I know that you have shared the Lord with me and it has blessed me in ways I cannot even put into words. I enjoyed your poem about the wind too. I read it the day you posted it, and then when I was out yesterday with the girls, getting blown over by the strong wind, I was reminded of your poem and I tried my best not to complain! :)

Have a great week!

Linda said...

Kristin, I thank God for bringing you into my life. I love you girl!

Kristin said...


You are too sweet to me. I was telling Veronica the other day that I'm a really serious person too, like she describes herself, and if y'all actually met me, I might bore you to death. LOL! I feel like my blog is who I really am, and that person for some reason is too shy to show herself in real life. :) I love you too though, your whole family, and I did read that post about Lynnette meeting the astronaut. I love how she is just herself and I think people love that about her and it is what draws us to her.

Maybe one day we will have the chance to all meet each other. Wouldn't that be fun? We should organize a Memory Walk get together! I love how God brought us all together too. I just happened to run across Lynnette's comment on a blog one day, and the rest is history!

I think people who don't blog are missing out and they probably think I'm a little weird because I talk about all of you like you live right down the road from me! Ha! It's just so refreshing to know that there is a great group of friends out there to turn to when I need them.

I hope you have a great week! After my negative, depressing post yesterday, I'm doing much better today! Y'all are just too good to me!

Love ya,

Abigail Kraft said...

Beautiful poem Grandma. :) I too hope that I will always be striving for a meek and quiet spirit...that Christ will give me a heart for others above myself. That's a daily struggle for me (and I'm sure for all of us), so thanks for writing this and inspiring me today. :)

I love you!

Love Abounds At Home said...

Such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

Oksana said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for your comment on my poem. :) I LOVED reading yours... it's exactly what I needed to hear today. I love how you conveyed such a timeless, universal message in a very simple, straightforward manner that spoke straight to my heart -- not only convicting me, but also providing encouragement. Thanks for the inspiration! :) I will definitely save this poem to read over again in the future.

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Jennifer said...

Another absolutely amazing poem..."I want to be a yielded vessel"...God has given you a true talent with words and expressing sermons in verse! Thanks so much for sharing with us...

Veronica said...

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!