Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Wind

The wind is howling fiercely as I sit to write this verse
I dislike wind immensely and sometimes view it as a curse

My eyes have felt the grittiness my hair’s in disarray
The children on the block are finding it very hard to play

Little kids are walking sideways, as it pushes them along
The birds are clinging to the trees and forgetting their sweet song

The flag is flapping vigorously, and wrapping ‘round the pole
The men with toupees have a single, solitary, goal

This wind is causing women to be put on skirt alert
The open windowsills are filled with silty, sandy, dirt

The windmills are a spinnin’, and the wheat fields move with grace
The dandelions fill the air and and bring a sneeze forth from my face

Yes the allergens are flyin’, and the sinuses will swell
And this wind will bring about a general feeling of un-well

But as much as I dislike it, and as much as I complain
I know that it is needed to bring forth the clouds and rain

It is like it moves the weather and the patterns across the land
And I know it’s for a reason that the good Lord has it planned

I know He has a purpose for causing it to blow
And if I would stop complaining maybe He would let me know

There will be days enough of sunshine and calm, gentle weather too
If I could just wait a bit more patiently for these desires to come true

There is an awesome power in the wind that boldly moves
Back and forth across the prairies, spreading grass as He behooves

Clouds of dust and whirlwinds twisting moving swiftly in the air
Lifting branches,… their arms folding,… as if in,… an urgent prayer

If the wind and air obey Him and they honor His command
Who am I to keep complaining,… wanting to thwart the Master’s plan!

Who am I?,… but His creation,.. meant to praise and not to moan
Lord I’m sorry for my selfish, unthankful grumbling, groan

It is simply by your mercy that I live from day to day
And by your grace that this great wind does not blow me away

Please help me to be thankful for the wind and all it brings
Round the corner is a very beautiful and welcomed Spring

I will listen to the symphony, the percussion of the wind
And not think of it as my enemy, but now my needed friend

By Linda Hogeland ~~~April 2009

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Such a wonderful poem - with a powerful message. I will carry "And if I would stop complaining maybe He would let me know" line with me all this week. My often I find myself whining! Thanks for the right prespective....

Have a wonderful weekend!