Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Quiet Easter Day ~~~Poem

Rain is softly falling on this quiet Easter day
I find it rather soothing in a tender sort of way

At church the music touched me, and spoke gently in my ears
Reminding me of Jesus and the way He calms my fears

He climbed up Calvary’s mountain and He hung upon that tree
His life He traded for my sins and then He set me free

He rose up from that empty tomb and simply walked away
The victor over death and hell on that first Easter day

The peace I carry in my soul is something very real
The love my dear Lord showed me, gave me new life full of zeal

Yet the zeal has quiet moments as I ponder His great gift
Everyday I talk to Jesus and it gives my heart a lift

Yes, in prayer we have communion and He listens to my needs
Generously in plush green pastures,…. His dear sheep He sweetly feeds

As I look out my front window and I see the raindrops fall
I dwell on all the Easter blessings,…they are precious to recall

Sometimes Easter brings the sunshine and the warmth of a spring day
And the families gather outside while the children run and play

But this year He brought us raindrops, and so I sit inside and ponder
All the glories He will show me when the streets of gold I wander

Hallelujah, to my Savior, Hallelujah to my King
He arose on Easter morning giving me a song to sing!

As I sing it won’t you join me? Giving praise to Christ the Lord
Sing it softly, sing it sweetly, blessings are His kind reward

On this Easter day I praise Him, thank Him for unselfish love
And I hear the angels anthem praising Him from courts above

So I’ve welcomed all these raindrops, I’ve said all I’m going to say
Thank you Jesus for the beauty of… A Quiet Easter day

By Linda Hogeland ~~~ April 2009


Kristin said...

Beautiful Linda! We had lots of raindrops here today too, but we had a great day. The sun even came out so the girls could hunt eggs at Grandma's. Morgan went to church with me, Lily stayed in the nursery (that's a miracle!), and it was just a great day. I'm going to write a post about it in a minute. Hope you had a wonderful day!

Love ya,

Jennifer said...

Oh...I too love to ponder all the beauty we'll behold when we wander on those streets of gold!

So glad you had a peaceful Easter!

Jared Kraft said...

Praise God for His Gift! : ) I enjoyed the peaceful serenity and subtle joy in your words. Easter was great for us too... We had a communion service and it was a huge blessing. Everyone pitched in and did something! : )

Thanks for sharing this great poem!
(By the way, I'm responding to your comment on my poem on my blog.)
Love ya,

Muthering Heights said...

What a beautiful poem...I enjoyed reading it!

Laurie Ann said...

Beautiful poem! How precious is the Savior's love...

Rosie@Home and Heartwork said...

Hi Linda. Thank you for sharing that poem. It's nice to fellowship (even on the internet!) with those of like mind. My sister posted scripture all over her house this Easter. This was very touching for me. It kept reminding me about Him.

God bless!

Jamimania said...

What a beautiful tribute to our Lord and Savior. Linda, you really have a talent for writing... I think I might have told you that before. :) Your poem lifted my spirits, I got a very vivid mental picture of all you were saying and it was so precious. There is no greater gift than our salvation!

We had rain here too and it was welcome and much needed. It's been so dry and winter-like here. Blustery, in fact. The rain helped me believe that maybe spring really is around the corner. (even though we're supposed to already be in it! ha ha)

Thanks for your sweet compliments on my blog, I do write how I talk... you can tell that I talk a lot! *grin* I know, it was ironic that then the puppy slept, but not me. How is that for fair? ;) ha ha. Have a wonderful day!

Love ya,

shopannies said...


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Beautiful, sweet Linda. I love your poems. You have a wonderful gift with words and express your faith so beautifully. The Lord's grace shines through your words. I so enjoy my visits here...and I'm always so encouraged by your posts and the comments you leave on my blog.

Bless you, dear friend...

Kristin said...

Hey Linda! Thanks for your comments on my blog today. I never thought about being a reporter, but I guess I should've thought of some kind of career where I could write, because I do love to write!

I should clarify that my husband didn't build our house with his bare hands....he did the engineering and drew the plans on it and his company built it (hired the contractors), but I was proud because he did a lot of extra things that aren't required to make sure it would be extra sturdy for these types of storms. :)

I am sorry to hear about your storm, but I will be praying for it to pass and for the Lord to be with you during it. If you ever need to talk, just know I'm here for you.

Love you!

Julie said...

Beautiful poem!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Your poems are so sweet - really, they just have such a tenderness to them.
I love you.