Friday, March 27, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude: The Lemonade Award

This is the Lemonade Award,... and I was recently given it by my friend @ Buildeth Her House, ...for having an "Attitude of Gratitude". I am humbled by her recognition. She also is an inspiration to me. Please go to her site and be blessed by her attitude of gratefulness!
I thank you so much for awarding my blog. I am pleased that you have found it worthwhile and pleasing to God.

I am awarding this Gratitude award to 10 blogs that I love. I follow them faithfully, and gain so much from them. They lift my spirit and make my heart sing! Some of them have faced great difficulties in life, but have not let those keep them down. They just keep trusting the Lord, and they make "lemonade" from the lemons,... and just keep on going! They bring glory to God.

Please visit their blogs. Share in some of their lemonade and be refreshed!

God's Girl! Loving wife and mommy to three girls. Newly alive with overflowing love for her Lord. Eager to share Him with others. Overcomer, exchanging fear for faith.

Young, fun, mommy to two little girls. Married seven years to her high school sweetheart. Hooked on Jesus,...and on crocheting! Has her own crocheted hat business. Cares and prays for others! Posts their prayer needs on her blog

Wife, mom to two boys on earth, and three babies in heaven. Serves her God in ministries with a compassionate heart. Prays for all of her blogger friends and always offers encouraging comments. Loves to sing, pray, read, write...and laugh with her sweet family.

Dee Dee
Pastor's wife, married to her high school sweetheart for 32 years. Mom to a soldier son, and two beautiful daughters. New grandma experiencing new joys.
Ministry leader, and giver of encouragement!

Lisa "Lolli"
Artistic and multi -fauceted wife, mother, and grandma. Serves her family, her church, her fellow bloggers and her God with zeal. She has a loving and joyful heart, and a zest for life. Always bringing a smile with her comments.

Loves being a stay-at-home "missionary mom" to five children. Living out God's calling in Indonesia. Always offering hope, love and encouragement from God's word. Inspiring!

Sold out to Jesus! Married to the love of her life, Luke. Mom to two great teenagers who keep her young. She calls herself "spazzy", I call her fun and invigorating. Heart of gold! Always tuned in to people's needs. Daily offering prayers and encouragement to all of her blogger friends. Love her lots!

Encouraging women to turn their eyes upon Jesus. Sharing her life with God first, then husband, son, family, friends, and sisters in Christ. His Word is always on her blog, hope and encouragement for all who visit.

Author of the book, "In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me". It is the story of God's faithfulness in her life when she lost three of her nine children. She desires to give people hope, in a world filled with sadness and sorrow. She wants to help hurting people find hope in God, and joy in life so they can dance again. Thus the name of her blog is called, "Dancing Barefoot",...on weathered ground.

Lynnette's daughter...(above). She has experienced loss at a young age, but has coped by God's grace, and is a lovely, well rounded teenage. Inspired artist, who loves the Lord, and serves Him through all her gifts of expression,, music, writing, and caring for others with her all of her heart.

Congratulations to each of you! Keep up the good work of serving God, and encouraging others. You've mastered the art of making thirst quenching lemonade from the lemons in life.

Love, Linda ~~~~March 2009


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your award!! So glad to have found your lovely blog...and thanks for the links to all the "new friends"!!!

"Lolli" said...

Thank-you, precious one, for this award that you have given me. I am so honored to receive it and blessed so much by your blog, your testimony and that of your beautiful daughter and granddaughter. You are a beautiful daughter of the King, and love you, sister.

"Lolli" aka Lisa

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Thank you so much for honoring me with this award. I so enjoy our little blog visits, Linda. You are a treasure, and your blog is such an encouragement. Many blessings to you sweet friend...

Kristin said...


Thank you so much for this award! And Congratulations on winning it too!! You are truly a gift from God....sent to me to show me that there are many other people in this world that can inspire me and help me learn and grow, besides my Mom. When I lost Mom, I thought I would never feel truly loved anymore and that was the hardest thing. I now know that is just not true. The greatest thing I learned is that no one will ever love me more than Jesus! There's a song that says "I'm amazed this love's for me Lord" and that's the way I loved by Him and so loved by you! Thank you so much for making me feel loved again and for always inspiring me to be a better wife and Momma!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Abigail Kraft said...

Thank you so much for the award Grandma! You make me feel so loved, and I'm grateful beyond words to be your granddaughter.

I love you!

Jamimania said...

Hi Linda! Congrats on your lemonade award and thank you so much for sharing it with me! :) Your sweet words have made me feel loved and encouraged and I am honored to accept. It's so wonderful to have Godly woman friends to share with and learn from... and you're certainly one of my faves! ((HUG)) Thanks again! Love and Hugs... jami

DeeDee said...

Oh Linda.. first congratulations on your Lemonade award. ... Then thank you so much for honoring me and my little corner of the blog world with it.
Sweet Blessings to you!

AnneMarie said...

Dear Linda! Thank you so much for this kind gift-I hardly feel I deserve it. I'm sorry it took me so long to say thank you; I needed some time off the computer to get my heart and mind in the right place, and now I'm sick with an ear infection and bronchitis....but I will link back and post about this very soon! Thanks so much for your kindness! xo