Friday, March 6, 2009

I Remember

I remember days gone by
Days I sat on the front porch and read a book
Days I felt warmed by the sun as I pumped back and forth on a swing, going higher and higher, then springing forth jumping to the ground with daring adventure

Days I planted jonquils, hyacinth, and tulips in the ground, and the days I gloried in my work as I saw them push forth from the warm earth
Feelings of accomplishment, when all the while it was God doing all of the work!
Yet there was an awe and wonderment as I watched them grow

I remember climbing trees, skipping through my days with ease
Carefree days when all I could see was all of the beauty surrounding me
Summer evenings, crickets chirping, fireflies sparking
Watermelon dripping from my chin as I held a slice and took huge and refreshing bites, spitting forth seeds in abundance

I remember homemade ice cream, icy and cold with fresh strawberries on top
Hot apricot cobbler fresh from the oven, with sugared crust and milk to cool it down
Beans and cornbread, butter melting inside, warming my tummy on a cold autumn day
Crispy fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and biscuits with jam on a Sunday afternoon

I remember running until I was out of breath, skipping and jumping with glee
Hopping in the hopscotch outline, picking up my lagger with ease and tossing it in each square hoping not to touch the line
Singing songs while jumping rope, doing Double Dutch, and red- hot- peppers when I jumped as fast as I could, panting with sweaty face,… yet loving every minute

I remember naps in the sunshine, lying on a blanket in the grass, an occasional ant tickling my leg as it made it’s long journey
Butterflies winging their gentle way across the breezy blue sky, their colors bright and cheerful as they fluttered, sometimes landing briefly on the flowers making me want to capture them

I remember roly-poly bugs so innocent and slow, curling up into little balls as I’d flick them with my fingers to set them in motion
Fuzzy caterpillars inching their way to who knows where?…always way-laid as I’d pick them up and let them tickle their way down my arm or leg as I watched in amazement

I remember rain on the windows, puddles on the ground, rubber boots splashing
A red raincoat with white polka-dots, making me feel happy as I put it on
Umbrellas turning inside out in the wind as it pulled me along
Carrying me to and fro as if I weighed nothing
I remember ducks waddling around the lake as we walked through the park
Shady trees along the banks, birds chirping in those trees
Buzzing bees, occasional stings, tweezers pulling out the stingers
Poison ivy on my body, pink lotion drying up that oozy rash

I remember roller rinks and organ music, concession stands and friends everywhere Couple’s skate, skating backwards, shiny floor, and stitches in my chin as I landed on my face,… and people dodging and darting all around me so they wouldn’t find a similar fate
And Roller Derby on TV, where both men and women were in brutal pursuit, elbowing one another, each wanting victory

I remember feeling contentment as I sat for hours playing jacks, tossing that little red ball in the air as I gathered cherries in a basket, pigs in a pen, or scratched the match, or did around the world
Being in my own little world blocking out any chaos around me
Feeling safe knowing my sweet mother was just inside the door

I remember school days yielding to summer
Slower pace, and times at the beach
Floating on my back in the pool
Splashing away from each other as we played Marco Polo

Wrapping myself in a colorful towel, it bringing warmth to my youthful body as I stood dripping on the concrete
Laying poolside in the glaring sun, toasting myself, looking brown as a biscuit
Freckles sprinkling across my nose and cheeks

Sundresses with bright patterns, stringy straps tied in a bow
Elastic on top and flouncing bottom, twirling freely as I’d spin
Popsicles red and juicy,… snapped in the middle to share with a friend
Licorice ropes and candy necklaces adorning my wrists and neck

I remember my little white church with it’s steeple
Ringing the bell that called the neighborhood to worship
Vacation Bible School and all of the fun activities
Learning about Jesus and loving Him more with each story I learned from the Bible

School’s return, new shoes a size bigger, new books, pencils, paper and friends
A different teacher, new challenges, field trips, projects, and recess,…best of all recess!
Tether ball, four square, hanging on the bars, racing the boys and winning
Smiling, giggling with girlfriends, sharing secrets,…and walking home together

I remember coming home each day and finding mother there
Home was a safe harbor,…food to eat, comfort to be felt…
Love to be shared,….I remember! ~~~By Linda Hogeland


Kristin said...

You have some wonderful memories! When you got to the part about food, it made me so hungry, because every single one of those foods brought back lots of memories to me of my mom's good cooking. I remember my Dad making us homemade ice cream, and beans and cornbread were a staple at our house, with melted butter on the yummy! It's amazing how the thought of good home-cookin' can bring back some many wonderful memories! Oh, how I wish I could cook like that! I sure wish I had some good friend chicken again!

Have a great weekend, Linda!!

Joyce said...

I really liked this, Linda, and you helped to bring back some good memories for me, too. <3

Lindab said...

Hello Linda! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always nice to have visitors from far afield. Life is a bit hectic for me just now and I'm not posting as often as I like, but things will calm down again once the children's school term ends.

I love your childhood memories - quite magical.