Monday, March 2, 2009

The Beauty of Creation

From the vast expanse of darkness looming all around
Came the voice of the Creator, and the glowing light was found

“Let there be!…”was His great statement,… and it quickly came to pass
“It is good!”…..was then His comment,…light divided from ..darkness

And God called the light the ..“Daytime.. and the darkness He called ..“Night
And the evening and the morning were the first day,…His delight!!!

His delight to form the waters ,…and divide the firmament,…
And then he called it “Heaven ”…and the second day was spent

Let the waters under heaven be gathered to one place
On the third day dry land appearing brought a smile upon His face

God called the dry land “Earth”,… and the waters He called “Seas
He saw that it was good,… and He was very, very pleased!

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth,…the grass,.. the herb,.. the seed
And the tree yield forth it’s wondrous fruit
,”…..and it was good indeed!

The fourth day brought the seasons and the signs for days and years
Greater light, and lesser light”…He also hung the “stars and spheres

And then on the fifth day,… He put the “fish” into the seas
And made the “fowl” to fly above the earth with graceful ease

On the sixth day he formed “cattle,…and every beast after it’s kind”,..
man in His own image”, and “ dominion…on all they’d find

On the seventh day God rested,…and we,…should do the same
Let us drink in all creation,….and praise His Holy name!

Be in awe of His great power,…His mere “Speaking” brought great things!
Gaze on all creation’s splendor,… and sweet anthems to Him bring….

Hallelujah,… He is worthy,…Hallelujah to our King,
Let us praise our Great Creator,…He created us to sing!

If we don’t the rocks will cry out and the trees sing forth His praise
I will worship my Creator and sing praise through all my days!

By Linda Hogeland Feb. 2009


Jared Kraft said...

I love this poem! Such beautiful and inspiring words.

Kristin said...

Absolutely beautiful, Linda!
I was standing outside a couple of days ago with my dog, and I just gazed up at the sky in amazement at God's beautiful creation. I've never been an "outside person", and I'm learning to appreciate the outdoors more and more. I realized at that moment how very small I am, compared to all that God's created, yet He knows me and He loves me. Your poem just touched my heart after thinking about my moment outside the other day.

I love the part about how you said that God created us to sing!! I love to sing more than anything and music is just like medicine to my soul.

Abigail Kraft said...

I absolutely love this Grandma! I, like Kristin, am not much of an outside person, but you're right...we should take every chance we get to drink in God's beautiful creation and praise Him for all of the fantastic sights that He has given us! :)

Love you!

Sharon said...

I really like this poem. It's so cool telling the creation story in rhyme :-D

Civilla said...

Lovely poem, Linda. And, thanks for coming to my blog.

Lady Jen said...

A beautiful blog and a lovely poem as well. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!